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Healthy, natural, and organic dog treats and chews made especially for the continued wellbeing of your dog at a range of affordable prices. We stock only the best natural and organic dog treats and chews which have been made especially to ensure the continued wellbeing of your dog. At a range of affordable prices, our treats are available in a variety of great tasting flavours your dog will love. Refine our category listing to find and show exactly what you're looking for for your dog, or contact us any time should you need some advice.

Training & Puppy Treats

All our healthy training treats are made from a single ingredient and are suitable for all ages. This means they won't contain added chemicals or preservatives that could upset your dog. Dogs love the taste and larger treats can cut up into smaller pieces.

Vegetarian Dog Treats

We have a great range of specially selected dog treats which are absolutely perfect for your vegetarian pooch! These are all natural and super healthy and also great for your dog's teeth.

Gift Boxes & Hampers

Our made-to-order Gift Boxes are perfect if your dog has allergies or a food intolerance. Just pick out the treats you want, whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion, and you can rest easy knowing they're getting only the best treats.

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

The cause of itching and scratching is just as likely to be internal as anything external. These treats have been developed specially to meet a demand from our customers. They do not contain allergy triggers so dogs with allergies can avoid itching, hair loss, and mucky ears.

Dental Dog Treats & Chews

Some treats can help to keep your dog's teeth and gums clean and healthy thanks to the high quality ingredients and chewing action. Dental chews won't result in upset stomachs or cause any skin problems for your dog, so they can chew in peace.

Wheat & Gluten Free Dog Treats

If your dog has an allergy to wheat or gluten it can be a nightmare trying to find treats they can eat. Our range of wheat and gluten free healthy dog treats are the perfect solution and they keep your dog's teeth, mouth and gums healthy too!

Treats for Diabetic Dogs

It can be tough finding suitable treats for diabetic dogs, and some would argue there are none. If you do want a treat for your diabetic dog however we've put together a healthy range of low fat dog treats made with either no carbs at all or good complex carbohydrates.