About My Itchy Dog

Hello, and thanks for visiting our site, and thanks also for your interest in finding out a little more about us and what we do. You can find all of that stuff right here! If you've any further questions, feel free to get in touch.

Who's behind My Itchy Dog?

Hi, I'm Kate. I'm an ex BBC TV producer, journalist, writer, pet owner, and animal lover. For a few years at the BBC, I made food and science based programmes, among other things, and I've always been interested in what goes into our human food and the interaction between conventional and alternative medicines and therapies. So why should it be any different with our pets? As far as I'm concerned, vets, healthy food, and natural treatments for dogs and cats that work can all rub along together quite nicely.Kate

Equally, there's no room for quackery, just good old fashioned research and a common sense approach to animal health and welfare. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that people and animals should be free to use whatever works for them; if I've broken a leg, I'm going to hospital. If I've put my back out, it's the osteopath and a mental pledge to get off my backside and do more pilates. Equally, if I eat rubbish, I'll feel like rubbish and my body will let me know it doesn't appreciate the rubbish I'm piling into it.

Why start a business though?

I started the business in 2007 when I had an ever-growing cat that kept begging for food and had scurfy, itchy skin. When I realised what was in her food (poor quality meat and lots of sugar) it was hardly surprising she wasn't in good nick. Then the family Bedlington, Ronnie, developed flea allergic dermatitis which no one seemed to be able to treat, except with steroids, which suppressed the symptoms for a short while without actually treating the allergy. We wanted high quality pet supplements and great food, but it was a real problem finding natural products for skin conditions all in one place even back then, and that's when My Itchy Dog came into the world and we've been growing ever since.

Why only itchy dogs? What about the itchy cats of the world?

Simply put, it seems to be more of a dog than a cat problem, although many of our products can be used effectively on cats too (assuming you can catch them!). I do use Proflax Skin & Coat for our cat, Pearl, and Billy No Mates Tincture flea treatment and Four Seasons wormer to cover parasites. She just about tolerates those! So I save a bomb on spot-on flea treatments, Frontline or Advocate, and don't have to inflict pesticides on her, or pull on welding gloves just to apply it to the back of her neck. Dogs are far, far easier!

Why do we do it? Why not? I get the challenge of growing a business I'm passionate about, providing products to customers who are usually at the end of their tether, after coming to the end of the conventional treatment road, and send me comments like this...

"Just to let you know of the success we are having with Billy No Mates. We have two yorkies and we live in the country, a good combination for ticks. We have been using Frontline from the vets for some time and still Molly was getting the ticks. Penny, the other yorkie, had two fits and her stomach turned black. We took them both off the Frontline and put them on Billy No Mates. Penny's stomach went back to her usual pink and we've had no further trouble with ticks on either dog."
...or this...

"I have been using Feelwell's Chicken Treats since the Royal Veterinary Hospital put my 15 year old whippet on a single source protein diet, as a result of IBS and having her spleen removed in February this year. They are natural, easy to carry around, and not too expensive. I would certainly recommend them to anyone whose dog suffers from a delicate tummy or IBS. In fact I haven't yet found any dog that doesn't like them."

…or this…

I brought Skinny shampoo and spray for my sister’s dog who has a severe flea allergy and is allergic to most over the counter products. She had lost most of her fur and was covered in sores within a couple of weeks of using these products she is a different dog her fur is growing back and the sores are almost gone I would definitely recommend these products a big thank you from Jess the jack Russell
...which just spurs me on. We know our products work. Healthy treats make healthy dogs (that common sense again!) and a de-stressed customer is a happy customer, canine or human.

Wow, you should write a book!

I have! Three, in fact. Top Dog is about another way of having a dog. A dip in and out affair, full of information on giving your dog a healthier, longer life. The second, The Dog Diet, is about just that; how to prolong your dog's life through the right diet, and how to get them to a healthy weight without breaking a sweat yourself. And My Itchy Dog is about how to keep your dog healthy and out of the vets: natural ways to treat skin problems, fleas and worms, teeth and gums, bones and joints.

All three are available from Waterstones, and Amazon (Kindle, Paperback, and Hardback), and this website. You can read a serialisation for Top Dog and The Dog Diet in the Daily Mail and reviews on Amazon too.

I have written for the Daily Mail and been a guest on BBC radio, including BBC Radio London – The Barking Hour with Jo Good and Anna Webb. I am also a regular contributor to the Natural Instinct blog.

Our Products

Everything we stock is thoroughly researched for its benefits and quality before we put it online, and new products are coming along all the time. If there's a product out there you think we should be stocking, please email us.

Personal Service & Advice

Customer service and good advice should be right up there next to great products, and we like our customers to be happy. If you aren't quite sure which product is best suited to your pet's needs, always contact us or give us a call on 01903 256 373.

Healthy Dog Treats

We strongly believe that old adage ‘you are what you eat’ should also apply to our pets. With that in mind, all of the healthy dog treats and supplements at My Itchy Dog are made using human grade ingredients with recognisable ingredients you might find in your kitchen cupboards. Try The Innocent Hound venison treat or My Itchy Dog duck and neem treats, for example.

Made in the UK

The majority of our treat are made right here in the UK, a few in the EU, and nowhere else. Our treats are hypoallergenic. None of our treats contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, EC permitted additives, animal and meat derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, or any other unidentifiable ingredients. We do not sell products containing substances that could be considered dangerous, carcinogenic, unhealthy, or harmful to the environment.
We never stock treats made in China.

Dog Remedies & Supplements

We source products from suppliers who share our views and policies on product standards and animal welfare. While we'll always say you should take your dog or cat to the vet first and foremost, at My Itchy Dog we offer a range of high quality, licensed herbal medicines, dietary supplements, and homeopathic remedies to pet owners who wish to treat their pet's problems naturally.

Dog and cat supplements are a very cost effective way of maintaining the long-term health of your pets. Natural remedies and supplements can be used to help over 50 common problems that dogs and cats can suffer from, including food allergies, skin problems, stiffness, digestive issues, and anxiety, to list just a few.

Animal Testing

None of our products are tested on animals.

Environmental Policy

At My Itchy Dog we take the environment seriously. All our poop bags and clean up products are biodegradable and compostable. Some are organic and none are harmful to the environment. We aim to reduce waste and conserve resources wherever we can.

Packaging is an inevitable by-product of online shopping. Our boxes are recyclable and our air pocket packaging is biodegradable.