Best Dog Steps

Getting dog stairs for your furry friend with mobility problems is one of the best gifts you can give your short or senior dogs. It’s a pet gear that offers aid to your pets climb the sofa, car, and access their favourite chair around the house.

Another use of dog stairs is for pet owners to train their canines for field trial competitions to familiarise the competing dogs with the obstacles that require them to climb steps.

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Best for Comfort
Best for Practicality
Best Durability
Best for Comfort
Best for Practicality

07/04/2022 10:45 am GMT

Best for Comfort
Karlie Easy Step Dog Stairs in Grey Karlie Easy Step Dog Stairs in Grey

Soft but Strong

When you can’t always be available to help your dogs up to the bed or sofa, Karlie Easy Step dog stairs will make your and your dog’s lounging life easier. The staircase is constructed with sturdy wood material that can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 20kg.

At the same time, the wooden staircase is covered in soft plush to cushion every step of your dogs and protect them if they stumble or fall. The stair cover is removable and washable to keep them fresh and clean.

Stable for Safety

Ill-stricken dogs suffering from joints or back pain will appreciate the height and the gentleness of the steps. This product is beneficial for young or old dogs with mobility needs. The base is equipped with anti-slip features to prevent the steps from sliding off of their place.

  • Stable wood construction
  • 20kg weight capacity
  • Soft cushion cover
  • Reasonable price
  • The cover is not chew-proof
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07/04/2022 10:37 am GMT
Best for Practicality
Umi Foldable Pet Stairs Umi Foldable Pet Stairs

Practical Design

The Umi product offers a practically designed pet stair with a storage and pet condo in one unit if you’re saving space. This item is perfect for small dogs and pets with difficulty climbing the bed and sofa.

With this product, you can save space and resources as this unit is also fun to become your pet’s playpen. Assembling and disassembling the item is also easy for the pet parents.

Interior Design-Friendly

If you’re very particular with your house design and interior, the Umi pet stairs is a perfect match for your home. Its neutral colour and structure can quickly ease in as home decor while serving its primary purposes.

  • Multi-purpose, practical design
  • Interior design-friendly
  • Space saver
  • Not recommended for larger dog
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07/04/2022 10:38 am GMT
Best Durability
Petsfit Dog Steps, Wooden Dog Stairs Petsfit Dog Steps, Wooden Dog Stairs

Solidly Made

Made from sturdy MDF and pinewood, the Petsfit pet stairs is suitable for small dogs and pets up to 15 kilograms of weight. The solid materials ensure stability and longevity of use.

The safety of your dogs, especially the ill-stricken ones, will not be compromised, all thanks to the ladder’s sturdy structure and anti-slip feature. The eco-friendly paint to colour the ladder is non-toxic and safe for your dogs.

Innovative Design

The two-step dog ladder from Petsfit is innovatively designed with holes for functionality. It can serve as a toy storage or play area for smaller pets. This product is also aesthetically appealing to match the furniture inside your home. Petsfit comes with pre-drilled holes for fast and easy assembly.

  • Sturdy structure
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Appealing and functional design
  • Could be pricey
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Pet Prime Ramp Stairs High-Density Foam Steps Pet Prime Ramp Stairs High-Density Foam Steps

Posh-Looking Dog Steps

The elegant colour of white steps and black sides add style to your interior home design. It is pleasing to the eyes and serves the purpose of helping your dog climb on the bed or sofa.

The high-density foam material is used for the pet steps to ensure comfort without sinking your dog’s feet and paws that could cause them to stumble.

The fleece cover has an anti-slip bottom which provides excellent traction for your dogs to climb up and down. Small and active dogs can play around the stairs without messing up the step position. But as for the arthritic dogs, the stability of the steps ensures their safety while using the stairs.

Convenient to Use

Pet Prime dog ramp staircase is light to carry and transfer where it is needed. It only weighs 1.3kg. The fleece cover is removable and machine washable.

  • Lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Sturdy and practical
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07/04/2022 10:46 am GMT
Youyijia 2-in-1 Portable Dog Stairs Youyijia 2-in-1 Portable Dog Stairs

Practical Design

The efficient design of Youyijia pet stairs offers portability for transport and storage. The dog steps are made with waterproof and foul-resistant soft leather suede. This material makes each step easier to maintain its cleanliness.

As for the construction of the dog stairs, the steps are supported by a sturdy pine wood covered with soft wool fabric that ensures stability and comfort at the same time. The outer layer of the steps is wrapped in waterproof, anti-fouling suede leather for convenient cleaning.

Made for Small Pets

Small dogs with shorter legs usually struggle to reach a high bed or sofa. Their size may present a challenge, but their weight is ideal to utilise compact and portable steps like the Youyijia product. It has a load capacity of 36kg and a screw reinforcement on each step to firmly fix the pedal.

  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stable pedals
  • Unsuitable for heavy larger dogs
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07/04/2022 10:35 am GMT
Pet Gear 3-Step Stairs Pet Gear 3-Step Stairs

Easy to Assemble

The Pet Gear Easy Step 3 is designed with three-level steps to reach higher platforms where your dogs need to be. It stands 23 inches tall, weighs 1.36 kilograms, with a load capacity of up to 65 kilograms.

It’s easy to set up at the bedside or beside your sofa. Each part snaps together for easy assembly—no need for special tools to install the staircase.

Convenient for your Dogs

For optimised accessibility, Pet Gear Easy Step provides its products with features that will conveniently help your dogs take the stairs. Easy Step 3 has rubber grips to prevent steps from slipping.

The stairs are designed with wide steps to ensure your dogs will not be out of balance due to loss of footing. Each level has a removable carpet for easy cleaning.

  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy to accommodate large dogs
  • Heavy load capacity
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07/04/2022 10:40 am GMT
Easipet Dog Steps Easipet Dog Steps

Strong yet Lightweight

Easipet dog steps provide your dogs with easy access to high places where they need to be. This product is light enough to move and transport anywhere yet robust to take on the weight of large dogs. It is easy to set up and fold away for storage or transport when you’re travelling with your dog.

Designed for Functionality

Easipet stair is designed with treads where carpets can be placed to provide extra grip to optimise the use of the dog stairs. It is also equipped with rubber feet to ensure stability while in use. It measures 38cm in width, 47cm in height and 60cm in depth.

  • Light and compact features
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Reasonable price
  • It can accommodate larger dogs
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HAIBEIR Wooden Pet Stairs HAIBEIR Wooden Pet Stairs

Strong and Steady Ladder

Haibeir pet stairs are heavy-duty products that small and large dogs can utilise to climb elevated areas in your home. It is made from American imported pinewood without harmful chemical treatment. It’s so strong that even people can stand on it to access hard to reach cabinets.

Practical yet Comfortable

This four-step ladder stands 62cm tall with 39cm wide steps – a sure way for your pets to safely climb elevated pieces of furniture. This product is ideal for pets with joint problems, hip dysplasia and immobility disabilities. The steps are covered with a detachable soft carpet, which is also washable.

  • Strong built
  • Toxic-free materials
  • Height and width advantage
  • Could be pricey
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07/04/2022 10:48 am GMT
PawHut Lightweight Ladder PawHut Lightweight Ladder

Designed for Climbing Safety

Unstable dogs with ailments have tendencies to be out of balance and trip. The Pawhut pet stairs design provides a safe and comfortable way for your dogs to safely access the sofa or bed.

This product features side safety rails on each side to assure your pets that it is safe to use the stairs, and the steps are carpeted for a better paw grip.

Lightweight but Carries Heavy

The three-step pet steps product can bear a load of up to 15kg. Pawhut stairs can be easily carried and transported thanks to durable plastic material that weighs 2kg. It is portable and foldable to be taken anywhere inside or outside your home.

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and portable
  • No assembly required
  • No anti-slip feature
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Masthome Dog Steps Masthome Dog Steps

No Assembly Required

If you don’t have the knack for piecing parts together to build the dog stairs for your pup, the Masthome dog stairs is an ideal choice. The effort you need to make to set up the stair is to put on the cover cloth and place the steps where they need to be. However, the product may arrive compressed that requires 48 hours of waiting to return to its original state.

Designed for Short-legged Dogs

The Masthome 3-step stair is designed with a slope made of corduroy fabric to allow grip while your pets climb or descend the steps. The height of steps going to the next is short for your dog to easily reach the next level. It is equipped with an anti-slip material at the bottom to ensure stability and traction when the dog goes up and down the stairs.

Portable and Lightweight

This foam-made dog stair from Masthome is lightweight and easy to carry where your dogs can use it. You can move it around your house as needed and even take the stairs to your vacation trips with your pups. And you don’t even have to worry about cleaning because the cover is washable and machine safe.

  • Made from soft material
  • Tiny steps to allow easy climbing
  • Light and portable
  • Machine washable cover
  • A bit pricey
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/04/2022 10:42 am GMT

How to Choose the Best Dog Steps

Smaller dogs usually struggle with jumping on and off the bed because of their short legs. Large dogs may have the same problem, especially when they have medical conditions which prevent them from jumping or even moving their legs to climb up. Dog ramps and dog stairs are necessities to aid your dogs, whether small, medium or large they are.

Pet owners should be mindful of several things when choosing the best dog stairs. There are things to factor in and situations to consider. Here are some of the features you ought to consider in selecting the best dog stairs.


The material, together with the built, can say a lot about the product. Raw materials can determine the durability and sturdiness of the dog stairs. Smaller dogs are relatively lighter than large dogs but may still require stable and sturdy dog steps to prevent accidents due to flimsy ladders.

Sturdy pine wood is one of the best materials for ensuring the sturdiness of the material. But again, this will also depend on the structure of the dog steps. Robust PVC and plastic are the best options, too, as long as they can bear the load and weight of your pets.

In choosing pet stairs products, pet owners should also check the chemical treatment that the materials went through to achieve the finished product. Ensure that the dog stairs are not treated with harmful toxins that can affect your dogs, especially if your four-legged friend likes to chew on things.


Small and active dogs may get excited to run up and down the pet stairs. Large dogs with mobility problems may rely on the dog stairs to help them climb on a high bed. Whatever the size and the needs of your canine friend to utilise the dog stairs, the steps must be stable to carry the weight and the movement of your dogs.

The structure determines the stability of the dog stairs. Your dogs mustn’t trip and fall off the stairs that can worsen their health condition. Accidents do happen, but you can prevent them by choosing a robust pet stair structure-wise.


Some dog stairs can offer so much more than getting your dogs up and down from elevated pieces of furniture around your home. Anti-slip features are not just an extra benefit but a necessity that every dog stairs must-have. It is a safety feature to prevent injuries and mishaps while the stairs are in use. Functionality is essential, but you can never compromise the safety of your dogs.

Design and appearance are a bonus features you should look for if you’re very particular about the interior decoration around your home. Wooden dog steps add aesthetics to your home. But, there are also well-designed pet stairs that can match the motif of your home.


If you can get a lot from one product that will benefit you and your dogs, you might as well grab that opportunity. It is practical to choose dog stairs that will get your money’s worth. Practicality doesn’t mean you get the cheapest one. It means getting what you need while serving its purpose with added benefits.

If there are several places where your dog needs to climb, choose a dog stair that is portable and lightweight so you can easily carry and transfer it where your dog needs it. If you’re looking for a space-saver, folded pet stairs is a practical choice for you.

Practicality can be in any form of benefit. It could be additional product function, the convenience of use, easy installation, etc. Just make sure that the product you choose is worth the price you paid.

Product Dimension

To prevent waste of resources, it is always best to check the product dimension and height before purchase. You wouldn’t want to get a dog stair that will not reach the measurement you require. Measure the height your dog needs help with so you can select a suitable dog stair height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a ramp or stairs better for dogs?

Ramps are easy to climb on, especially for older dogs with joint problems. Dog stairs with a shorter height level for each step can be used to aid their climb.

Are dog stairs suitable for dogs?

Small breed dogs, sickly dogs, younger dogs and older dogs can benefit from dog stairs. It helps them reach high beds and sofa to rest with their pet owners.

How high should pet stairs be?

The product dimension and height of the stairs will depend on the distance your dog needs to go through. There are different levelled steps to choose from.

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