Best Grain-Free Dog Food

Grain frequently serves as a key source of carbohydrates in dog food. Nonetheless, it may lead to discomfort in some dogs. Many dog foods designed to be hypo-allergenic are devoid of grain as a means of reducing allergy symptoms. If your dogs exhibit symptoms such as excessive gas, vomiting, irregular bowel activities, and skin irritations, it is critical to take them to a veterinary clinic promptly for a proper diagnosis. It is likely that the veterinarian will advise you to try a grain-free dog food as part of an elimination diet to determine the allergen impacting your dog’s health.


Best for Calming

Pooch & Mutt – Calm & Relaxed

When your dogs are anxious or hyperactive, they become stressed and troubled. If you’re taking care of dogs with those traits, the Pooch and Mutt Calm and relaxed grain-free dog food are designed and recommended by the vets to be fed to anxious or overly excited. The key to healthy and effective dog food is the combination and formulation of the correct ingredients. This grain-free food consists of essential components and supplements.

Best Ingredients

Arden Grange Sensitive Adult Dry Dog Food Grain Free

Arden Grange fully understands the needs of a sensitive dog. This family-run British pet food company is dedicated to producing all-natural hypoallergenic products to protect your dogs from allergic reactions. It is applicable for pets with sensitive stomachs or skin.

Best High Protein

AATU 80/20 Dry Dog Food

AATU is a protein-rich, grain-free food for your dogs. It consists of 80% free-run chicken meat and 20% essential fruit and vegetable ingredients. Grains, wheat, and gluten are the usual allergen suspects. AATU does not contain these ingredients to reduce the chance of triggering allergic reactions.


Scrumbles Natural Wet Dog Food Grain Free

Although dogs are natural omnivores, most of them prefer the taste and the texture of meat. And as a loving dog owner, you give in to what will make them enjoy their food. Scrumbles complete wet food has a high meat content of 70% turkey.

It’s all-natural damp dog food that has abundant vitamins and minerals content. So, you don’t have to worry about compromising their health by feeding them what they prefer.

BUTCHER’S Wet Dog Food Tin Cans Grain Free

To achieve total care for your canine buddy, a complete and balanced diet must be achieved. That’s what exactly Butcher’s grain-free dog food offers.

Made with complete nutrition from natural ingredients, all meal recipes in jelly will provide all the needed nourishment for your dogs. You can be assured that there are no artificial colours, preservatives, and bulkers mixed in this grain-free, gluten-free dog food.

Forthglade Complete Natural Dry Dog Food – Grain Free

Forthglade dry dog foods are packed in resealable bags to ensure the longevity of freshness even after opening them. As for the kibbles, the combined healthy yet delicious ingredients go through a unique cold-pressed process to retain the natural flavour, scent, and nutritional goodness.

Harringtons Grain Free Hypoallergenic Wet Dog Food

Say goodbye to mealtime woes and hello to wagging tails and satisfied bellies with Harringtons Grain Free Hypoallergenic Wet Dog Food. Made with carefully selected poultry ingredients, this delicious wet food is grain-free and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for dogs with specific dietary requirements or allergies.

Crave Dry Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken

Protein-rich diets for your dog support strong and healthy muscles. Crave adult dog food consists of heavy protein-rich kibbles, grain-free and without dairy.

The tasty meat from the natural protein flavour of the ingredients will surely make your dogs crave for more. This grain-free diet dog food has a minimum of 60% animal sources composed of dried and fresh chicken, turkey meal, and poultry.

Pooch & Mutt – Health & Digestion

Pooch and Mutt Health & Digestion grain-free dog food variant is specially designed to help dogs with a sensitive stomach from having loose stool. This grain-free complete dry dog food contains 45% salmon for easy digestion.

Lily’s Kitchen Complete Grain Free Adult Dog Food

Lily’s Kitchen Countryside Casserole can solve your problem with your fussy eater without compromising their health and nutrition. This natural grain-free and nutritionally packed dog food are full of protein. It is composed of 31% chicken and 8% duck meat.

James Wellbeloved Complete Dry Food

In a dog’s life stage, old age is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable points of their lives. Their health and activity are not the same as their prime. So, as much as possible, you want them to keep them healthy for the rest of their senior life.

James Wellbeloved grain-free turkey dog food for seniors is suitable for senior dogs with existing or acquired sensitivities due to old age. This dry food is naturally hypoallergenic for a settled gut and digestive system.

Barking Heads Adult Dog Food Wet Pouches

Instead of buying different grain-free dog food individually, Barking Heads brilliantly pack different varieties in one packaging. Yes, your dog will always have their favourite, but at least they will have more choices: beef, lamb and chicken.

Wellness CORE Grain Free

Larger dogs have their perks, but it may also mean they have different needs regarding the amount of food and nutrition they should take. Wellness Core adult breed grain-free dog food variant is formulated for heavy and oversized breed dogs that need joint support. It is infused with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health so your dogs can stay active.

WINALOT Dog Food Pouches Mixed in Jelly

Winalot offers a variety of grain-free dog food flavours packed in one box. The high-quality ingredients used for this grain-free recipe is 100% complete and balanced. It consists of meaty chunks of meat, vegetables, minerals and vitamins suitable to promote your dog’s health. Dogs undoubtedly love its tasty flavours.

How to Choose the Best Grain-Free Dog Food

Grain-free dog foods are not cheap compared to regular ones. If your dog has allergies, picking a random grain-free diet won’t instantly solve the problem. Grain-free foods have their common denominator of having no grains in the recipe, but other than grain ingredients, your dog may have other allergens causing digestive or skin problems. It is still best to consult their veterinarian for proper treatment and guidance.

Understand the Difference

Regular dog foods may include grains, wheat, corn, barley, oats, rye, rice, and soy for carbohydrates sources. Carbs provide energy for your dogs, and grains offer specific nutrients good for your dog’s health. However, grains can cause digestive problems for some dogs; that’s why grain-free recipes and grain-free options are essential for sensitive dogs.


The grain-free formula has the given benefit of keeping your dog’s stomach settled. But you also have to consider the other health and convenience benefits your grain-free option gives. Most recipes are packed with nutritious ingredients that support overall dog health. Vitamins, minerals, and probiotics are most commonly added to the recipe. Make sure you don’t miss the health support that your dog needs when choosing a grain-free diet.


Dogs come in many ages and sizes. Their breed size and age should be considered when choosing the best grain-free food. Although there are grain-free options suitable for all breed sizes, there may be ingredients or kibble sizes that won’t agree to your dog’s liking. Always consider what your dogs appreciate to prevent wasting your resources for a dog food they won’t eat.

Flavour and Scent

It’s easier to feed a dog (even the picky ones) if the grain-free dog food has an appealing taste and smell. It’s also beneficial for you when you don’t have to force-feed them. Rich-flavoured food with no preservatives or artificial flavourings is your best option to entice your dog to eat without compromising their health.

Value for Money

When it comes to your dog’s health, money should not be a factor. But, there are undoubtedly less expensive options in terms of getting more than what you paid for. The best example is weight content, benefits, and most importantly, the high probability of your dogs consuming it. Grain-free dog food usually cost more than regular ones. So, get the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it healthier for a dog to eat grain-free?

Grain has nutritional properties. However, some dogs have grain allergies which cause digestion issues. There are grain substitutes for completely grain-free food for your dogs.

Why do vets recommend grain-free dog food?

If your dogs have digestion sensitivities and symptoms that align with an allergic reaction to grain, vets recommend grain-free dog foods.

Does grain-free dog food make a difference?

Grain-free are easier to digest. It also improves your dog’s skin, coat, and energy.