Best Herbal Flea Treatment for Dogs

Our precious pup’s discomfort from flea infestation is heart-wrenching for us as dog owners, as we hate watching them incessantly scratching. Despite being a usual predicament, it is not unsolvable. We might have attempted to use spot-on solutions, but they are not the solitary answer to drive away fleas. If your dog gets plagued by fleas (which they do at some point or the other), you don’t need to search any further. We offer an array of excellent, all-natural and organic flea treatments. They are engineered to eliminate fleas from your dog while also ensuring they stay away, enabling us to abandon the harmful chemical-based treatments typically used to ward off fleas.

Many dog owners prefer organic treatments to repel fleas so they may avoid using too many harmful chemicals on their pets. Natural flea treatments are readily available in the market, and most of them are not that costly, and even if it is, it’s still a good investment. Using a natural flea treatment could help control fleas, especially during flea season and would help our dogs and us from flea bites.

Here are some of the best natural flea treatments today that you can try on your pup!

Best for Grooming
Cooper & Gracie Dog Flea Protection Spray Cooper & Gracie Dog Flea Protection Spray

Cooper & Gracie takes pride in being cruelty-free and rightly so because they only use ingredients with the highest quality. The natural flea repelling essential oils used to have superb protective attributes compared to other treatments. The product was designed to “repel all blood-sucking pests including fleas, ticks and grass mites.”

Offers Additional Layer of Protection

This natural flea treatment from Coope & Gracie also offers another layer of protection from Lyme disease. The flea spray minimises the chance of fleas and ticks attaching to your pup, which leads to a reduction of the likeliness of insect bites and flea infestation that cause severe illnesses to your dog.

The product gives instant relief that soothes and prevents irritation caused by harvest and grass mites. The practical formulation of Cooper & Gracie reduces your dog’s urge to scratch and bite, keeping them protected throughout the year.

Made for Grooming

The flea spray from Cooper & Gracie is made for professional-grade grooming for all sizes of dogs! The natural flea spray is infused with lavender oil, citrus, avocado, coconut, and chamomile.

The avocado, in particular, is excellent for your dog’s coat and skin and would leave them smelling fresh. The quick-absorbing formula is “ideal as a natural and proven health treatment for dogs.

  • Every product sold supports rescue dogs worldwide
  • Formulated with natural essential oils that not only help eliminate fleas but also give a healthy coat
  • Reduces the urge of your dog to scratch
  • Could be pricey
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Best Value
Pets Purest Flea Treatment Pets Purest Flea Treatment

As the name suggests, Pets Purest is one of the purest in the market as it is 100% natural and cruelty-free. Its Flea Pro formula helps treat dogs and cats and other animals and pets with fleas, ticks, and lice that may carry Lyme disease.

Safe Way to Stop Scratch & Itch

The Pest Purest flea treatment is an all-natural treatment that kills parasites using the most potent organic ingredients like apple cider vinegar, quassia & neem, with essential oils from citronella, lavender, lemongrass, cedar, and geranium.

Your dogs won’t react badly to these ingredients like how they respond to harmful chemicals; it is pure in stopping your dog from scratching and itching.

Certified and Recommended by Experts

Guaranteed to kill parasites naturally, Pest Purest is BRC GMP manufactured and fully certified. It is also approved and recommended by veterinarians as it is 100% safe to use on various animals.

  • Targets and kills parasites with less stress for pets
  • 100% natural and cruelty-free
  • Could be used as a treatment for dogs and other animals and pets
  • Tends to have a strong smell of apple cider vinegar
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Best All- Natural

Multi-Mite is as natural as it gets! This treatment uses only 100% natural diatomaceous earth powder that’s safe to use for your dog and around the house, and even your garden.

Diatomaceous earth is made up of tiny fossilized diatoms mined and ground into a fine powder high in silica and other minerals that help control pests and parasites in your dogs and other animals.

Better Than the Chemical Counterparts

The food-grade diatomaceous earth could be applied externally to your dog by dusting and rubbing it all over the affected area. It is also a feed additive as mite control for virtually all animals. Aside from flea treatment, diatomaceous earth also helps control mites, ticks, cockroaches, clothes moths, and small bugs.

  • All-natural treatment against fleas
  • Fast relief
  • Could be applied externally and could be added to feeds
  • 100% natural
  • Available in different quantities: from 1kg to 25kg
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The Healthy Dog Co Spot On Flea Treatment for Dogs The Healthy Dog Co Spot On Flea Treatment for Dogs

Keep your dogs and other pets healthy and chemical-free with this all-natural flea treatment. Instead of using flea collars that are heavy on chemicals, use The Healthy Dog Co by simply dropping 1ml on the back of the neck of your pooch.

When used regularly, you can stop fleas from returning and infesting your beloved pet.


A full pipette (1ml) of this all-natural solution could be the answer to your dog’s flea infestations; a drop of this every day for one week could repel not only fleas but also ticks lice and mites that are gentle to your pup without feeling any discomfort. It also prevents future flea infestations, as well as severe infestations.

Infused with Powerful Natural Ingredients

The Healthy Dog Co. created a herbal preparation containing only natural ingredients that are 100% safe but powerful. It comes with a unique blend of essential oils, organic apple cider vinegar, and quassia bark extract. It is dermatological tested, cruelty-free, and vegan.

  • Safe to be used around children
  • Stops infestations from recurring
  • A 100ml bottle will last for over a year
  • Could be used for pets of all sizes
  • May need to be applied in large amounts for bigger breeds/sizes
  • Easy to spill
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Vienapoli Natural Flea and Tick Collar for Dog Vienapoli Natural Flea and Tick Collar for Dog

You may be familiar with chemical-heavy flea collars, but how about the natural ones? Vienapoli offers one that is all-natural but is equally effective in treating and repelling fleas in dogs. It is reliable protection against fleas and ticks, larvae, and lice and lasts up to eight months!

Natural and Hypoallergenic

This flea collar was created as a safe and healthy treat for your dog, especially those with sensitive skin. The collar also prevents allergic reactions and helps your pooch forget about scratching and itching.

It is infused with a natural plant-based formula of essential oils like citronella, peppermint, lemon, clove, and eucalyptus that repel and combat pests and parasites while being gentle.

Comfortable Collar that Fits All Sizes

Vienapoli is made to fit all dog sizes starting with six-week small puppies up to large breeds. It is built for comfort as it is adjustable, easy to put on, and stays in place even during activities because of its buckle with “saw-like teeth” that prevent it from loosening.

It does not stretch out even with prolonged wear and is also made with waterproof materials.

  • Waterproof and non-greasy
  • Has a pleasant lemon smell
  • Lasts for up to eight months
  • Chemicals free
  • It's not aesthetically nice looking
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Ruben Oscar Flea Treatment for Dogs Ruben Oscar Flea Treatment for Dogs
£14.99 (£299.80 / l)

Say goodbye to those pesky pests with this powerful yet gentle formula. Made from all-natural ingredients, it is effective and safe for your beloved canine companion. With a simple spot-on application, you can protect your dog from fleas and ticks for weeks.

Providing Natural Relief

Imagine the relief of seeing your four-legged companion finally scratching-free and happy. The Ruben Oscar Flea Treatment works diligently to eliminate fleas and ticks, ensuring a comfortable living environment for both you and your dog. This innovative formula targets even the most resilient parasites while being gentle on sensitive skin.

No Mess

Not only is this flea treatment highly effective, but it is also incredibly easy to apply. No mess or fuss - simply part your pup's fur at the base of their neck and apply directly onto their skin. Within minutes, they'll be protected against these blood-sucking nuisances that can cause discomfort and potential health risks. Keep man's best friend safe with Ruben Oscar Flea Treatment - because every dog deserves a life free from fleas!

  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • The formula is easy to apply
  • It offers spot-on application, allowing precise targeting of areas affected by fleas and ticks
  • May require multiple applications for severe infestations
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Pet Wiz Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs & Cats Pet Wiz Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs & Cats
£8.95 (£89.50 / l)

This flea spray from Pet Wiz comes in a spray bottle that effectively removes and repels fleas and ticks. The spray comes with a gentle formula of lavender oil and other premium flea repelling essential oils that will indeed remove pests away.

Efficient and All-Natural

Pet Wiz has chosen ingredients for its spray that are harmless to your pets and the environment. Each spray bottle does not contain toxic chemicals while providing an efficient way to combat small pests and parasites. This flea spray creates a barrier on your dog’s coat that helps keep fleas, ticks, and mites away.

Calming Essential Oil

Infused with lavender essential oil, each spray will leave your pup feeling refreshed and soothed with its calming effects. Aside from protecting from pesky pests, it also keeps your pets stress-free all the time!

This flea spray could be used 2-3 times per week and is recommended to be applied in the evening to allow your dog’s coat to dry overnight. Simply spray, brush their coat in the opposite direction of hair growth, then spray on your dog’s skin.

  • Provides a soothing lavender scent
  • Naturally repels fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes
  • Soothes itchy and irritated skin
  • Promotes a calming effect
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How to Choose the Best Herbal Flea Treatment

While many dog owners may not think twice about purchasing a flea product, they might want to take some time to research some of the best options on the market before making their final decision.

Completely Natural and Safe

The best herbal flea treatment will be completely natural and safe. Many dog owners do not realize the dangers of conventional flea medications, which contain harsh chemicals that can make a dog sick or even kill them if swallowed. In addition to killing the adult fleas on a dog, an herbal flea treatment will keep fleas from returning for months.

Ease of Application

An excellent herbal flea treatment will be easy to apply and natural so that it is gentle on a dog’s coat and won’t cause any side effects or irritation to their skin. Some products come in easy-to-apply packets, while others might be a topical cream or liquid that can be applied to the dog’s skin.

Online Reviews

Another good indicator of how good herbal flea treatment is can come from reading reviews online. If there are plenty of positive reviews, you know the product is doing its job and killing fleas on dogs without causing any side effects. Make sure the product you choose also comes with a money-back guarantee and is available at an affordable price.

Other Factors to Consider

Dog’s Health History – If you’re currently giving medication/s or supplement/s to your pup, or if they have a medical history, it might be practical and safe to consult their veterinarian before applying any flea treatment as it might have reactions or side effects.

Age & Breed – Make sure to check if the flea treatment you bought is appropriate to your dog’s age. A flea treatment might not be made for puppies of certain breeds, so make sure to check the label for more information. It is best to consult with a veterinarian or search online.

The best treatment for fleas on dogs will be safe, effective, and easy to apply so that dog owners don’t have to worry about their pets getting sick or experiencing any side effects. It should include natural ingredients and come from a company that has a strong reputation for providing high-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the flea medication is safe for my dog?

You want to make sure you’re choosing a safe treatment for your dog. Citronella, pine and cottonseed oil are all-natural remedies that may help in repelling fleas from pets. Many topical lotions or liquids can be purchased from the vet or online without a prescription from a vet.

The safest regimen includes a topical treatment in conjunction with ingesting a pill designed to work on the digestive system, where flea larvae breed in the animal’s fur between moults. Both treatments should prevent an infestation in homes and outside environments where animals live and play.

If using only one type of medication, it’s essential to reapply two kinds of substances weekly until no more larvae are present in the dog’s hair.

What are some natural flea medications to use?

Natural treatments for fleas include neem oil, cedarwood chips and diatomaceous earth (which can be used on dogs and cats). You can also ask your veterinarian about other herbal remedies that you could add to your pet’s food or water.

Do all fleas in my house need to be treated at once?

No. You can treat one animal at a time or do a complete house treatment, which will work best if the weather is warm. A complete house treatment means treating the entire home, which includes all floors and carpets.

How soon will I see results after I treat my dog for fleas?

It may take anywhere from a day to a week before you start to notice a dip in your pet’s scratching or biting. At this stage, it’s a good idea to continue with the treatment plan, even if you haven’t yet seen a decrease in your pet’s symptoms.

Contact a professional if you need help choosing the best flea treatment for your pet. A vet or animal behaviourist can help you determine which natural remedies are safe and effective for your dog or cat. Remember to use topical treatments and oral medication until no more larvae are in their hair.

If using only one type of medication, it’s important to reapply them weekly until all signs of infestation have disappeared from your pet’s fur so that they don’t come back stronger than before.