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39 CommentsFriday, 18 August 2017  |  Kate
Harvest Mites: Causes & Treatments

As autumn approaches, a lot of dog owners might find that their pets are itching more than usual. This is commonly due to Harvest Mites which are particularly active during the seasonal change. Harvest Mites, in their six-legged larval stage, feed on warm blooded animals, swarming as an infestation.

4 CommentsThursday, 27 July 2017  |  Kate

Experts have been lecturing me about how crucial it is to feed a balanced diet to a dog, and I couldnít agree with them more. Until the same hackneyed answer on how attain this balance - to feed a processed dog food, probably a kibble, forever, with no deviation, until your dogís (or catís) dying day - issues forth and Iím back to throwing stuff at whichever piece of technology is spewing the information out at me.

Friday, 7 July 2017  |  Kate

Curiously, and perhaps eagerly, I am looking at a bull terrier named Sputnik, searching for a resemblance.

Heís a stocky three-year-old, mostly slate grey, with a white stripe on his head and a pink splotch on his elongated, bull-terrier nose. So far, our only similarity is weíre both waiting in a trailer thatís serving as his examination room at Tufts Universityís veterinary school in North Grafton, Massachusetts.

13 CommentsWednesday, 28 June 2017  |  Kate

Pet owners have been warned about the risks of feeding jerky treats after vets have seen the first cases of poisoning in the UK. Fanconi Syndrome, a rare condition associated with jerky treats, has previously been reported in the US, Canada and Australia as far back as 2007, but there have been no reported cases in the UK, until now.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017  |  Kate

The day my rescue dog, Nikita, came to live with me I spent the morning pacing around the house and nervously flicking channels on TV, waiting for her to turn up. I remember it was the 22nd July because Prince George was born that day and itís all anyone was talking about.

3 CommentsWednesday, 24 May 2017  |  Kate
Natural Dental Health for Dogs

By the time your dog reaches the age of 3 there's an 80% chance they will have gum disease and tooth decay. A dental at the vet can easily cost £600 but there are easy and really cheap ways to keep on top of your dog's dental health, without stressing you or the dog out

Monday, 24 April 2017  |  Kate

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate is just as much an emotive issue for pet owners as it is among parents. So Iíll get right off the fence with this one Ė I think vaccines are the 20th centuryís gift to the world. However, when it comes to our dogs and cats in the UK we over-vaccinate our pets like no one else.

3 CommentsFriday, 17 March 2017  |  Kate

Over 80% of dog owners are guilty of dressing up their dogs in some form or another, even if itís only a coat to protect against the cold, and this is leading to a rise in skin diseases among dogs.

1 CommentThursday, 17 November 2016  |  Kate
Armitage flea and tick products recalled after packaging mix-up

I'm not one for histrionics but this is a huge pet product recall from Armitage I thought you should all be aware of as the flea treatments involved can be fatal to cats. Please read the statement in this post and pass this information on to anyone you think may be using Armitage flea products on their cat.

4 CommentsFriday, 2 September 2016  |  Kate
How to spot a tick and remove it safely

Spring time is when ticks become more active as the climate gets warmer (supposedly). Ticks are widely known to be carriers of diseases such as Borreliosis and Lyme disease which affect humans and animals.

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