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Thursday, 1 November 2018  |  Kate

Most popular Christmas gifts made for dogs and cats are terrible. The ingredients are shocking. The added sugar, cheap ingredients, colours, flavours and preservatives are a disgrace. They’re cheap – in price and ingredients, cynical and not at all good for your dog or cat. Buy healthy Christmas treats instead.

189 CommentsThursday, 25 October 2018  |  Kate
Why is my Dog Itching and Scratching? – The Basics

Here are a few reasons why your dog might be scratching at its backside and chewing its paws.

1 CommentWednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
Christmas Hazards for Dogs & Cats and How to Avoid Them

Christmas! Love it or loathe it you know it’s coming and it’s all too easy for the family pets to get up to mischief.
Last Christmas my kitten Cleo was just an absolute site as she raced through a sea of wrapping paper and hid in various sized boxes, can you imagine the excitement? Watching her antics for five minutes could be a possible cure for depression!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
Winter Skin Care Tips For Your Dog

It's freezing! There's even snow in parts and the gritters are out in force. So, with all that salt on the road, de-icing going on and moving between extremes of hot and cold day after day, your dog's skin can get dry and in a bit of a state. Fungus likes the kind of hot, humid environment we create going from outside in the wet to inside, lounging by a radiator, which can make your dog's skin itch like mad too.

1 CommentWednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate

Chewing is great for dogs. It relieves boredom, stimulates their brains and strengthens the jaw. It also helps to keep teeth clean and freshens the breath. But what makes a good rawhide alternative dog treat?

Wednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
Know Your Dog Treats - Part 2

Dental treats are a great way to keep your dog occupied for hours while promoting healthy gums and teeth. These treats help to fight bad breath and are perfect for dogs that suffer from food intolerance.

5 CommentsWednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
Neem - Natural Parasite Killer

Neem oil, will repel fleas, ticks, mites, lice and flies. You never have to apply conventional spot on treatments again.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate

All dogs should be able to enjoy a healthy treat once in a while but lots dogs have specific requirements that preclude them from enjoy most mainstream treats. We have many different treat ranges for dogs with special dietary requirements so you can pick out something they'll really enjoy.

4 CommentsWednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
3 Steps To Keep Dog Paws Healthy In Winter

Avoid an expensive vet visit this Winter to treat sore, itchy paws by following these three simple steps to keep them tip top.

7 CommentsTuesday, 23 October 2018  |  Kate
Should You Do a Worm Count?

A worm count is actually a counting of the worm eggs present in a sample of faecal matter. This examination determines whether or not there are any worm eggs present in the stool. If the answer is yes then it means there are also worms present in the animal that gave the faecal sample.

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