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7 Ways to Pimp Your Pet's Food (Dog Supplements that Work and Save You Money)

Friday, 23 November 2012  |  Kate

Not all dog supplements are created equal!

It's difficult to know which supplement will be best for your dog over time, plus who wants to waste money on products which don't work? Not any our Itchy Dog customers that's for sure. Itchy Dog Supplement Supplements Healthy Treatment Treatments Billy No Mates CSJHere are our recommendations for some of the most effective and palatable dog supplements around today.

Simply pimp your pet's food with them and you'll have a happy, healthy dog with a glossy coat to die for. Plus you'll cut down on vet visits, vet bills, save money on pet care and avoid doing battle when it's time to get busy with a pill or spot on treatment.

We highly recommend these supplements for your dogs because they're made from the best ingredients and they work:
  1. Fleas, mites and ticks: Billy No Mates from CSJ
  2. Worms:Verm-X Internal Parasite Control Treats or Verm-X Liquid
  3. Itchy, sensitive skin: Yumega Plus from Lintbells
  4. Digestive upset: Yumpro from Lintbells
  5. Joints: Yumove from Lintbells
  6. Immunity and recovery from illness or long term medication: Resist from CSJ
  7. Recovery and an impaired digestive system: Heal from CSJ
Notice that we've said 'cut down on vet visits'. You should always get your pet checked out by a vet if you think there is a problem.

Note: We recommend these supplements because they're very good at doing what they say on the tin: repelling fleas, helping your dog to recover from long term antibiotic and steroid use etc.

They are not a substitute for any vet treatment your dog or cat may need, simply rather good day to day maintenance which will keep your pet healthy for longer as alternatives to conventional flea and worming treatments (plus they really work and they will save you money!)