Can Protein Levels Affect Your Dog’s Behaviour?

1 CommentMonday, 4 February 2013  |  Kate

In short, yes! We all know how we feel after eating junk for a few days. If you're anything like me then it will be lethargic, sluggish and distinctly unmotivated!

My Itchy Dog Protein Levels Blog HelpAside from the obvious health problems that would ensue if you were to keep it up you'd be hard pressed to get anything worthwhile done while you were awake.

It's the same with our pets. A poor diet can undoubtedly lead to behavioural problems as well as obesity and other diet related diseases we ourselves suffer from.

Equally, feeding a lower protein diet than usual can help calm a dog that tends towards hyperactivity or anxiety. While many off the shelf dog foods contain between 20% - 24% protein (which is pretty high), switching to a diet containing between 14% and 17% protein should help to see a big difference in behaviour.

CSJ do three excellent low protein foods, Lamb Senior, Old Champ and CP18. We sell their excellent herbal treatments for dogs: Billy No Mates Herbal & Tincture, Resist and Heal.

All come highly recommended.

Eileen Baker
Tuesday, 10 November 2015  |  9:38

I have found this to be very helpful to know. I have a springer spaniel who was on a high protein diet, he was taken poorly after eating something while out for a walk. We just gave him water at first then chicken and rice. His poo went back to normal and his behaviour changed for the better. We had him on a high protein diet and are now looking into a lower protein diet than what he was on.