Cara's Itchy Face Sorted... Almost

Tuesday, 5 February 2013  |  Kate

1. Biggest challenge

Our dog Cara was very itchy when we first got her (as an 18 month-old rescue) and switching her to a hypoallergenic food really helped her body scratching and slight dandruff, however, she still has a very itchy face which we have found no answer to. She gets allergies in the summer (wheezing and sneezing) but her face is always itchy.

Our biggest challenge has been to get this taken seriously - ok, so it's not a really bad case of sensitivity and it is not totally ruining her life like some other poor dogs but it IS a problem and it is distressing to see her rub her face and make frustrated noises.

My Itchy Dog Customer Stories Blog2. How difficult was it to find the answer?

Very! We still haven't, though Yumega Plus has helped her generally. Our vet has offered allergy testing but says it is expensive and unreliable, so we haven't pursued this.

3. Tips

Visit My Itchy Dog! Seriously, I have recommended it to my vet as being a really useful website both in terms of information and also products. She is passing it on to others and was really pleased to hear about it. Other than that, switching to hypoallergenic food is always a good step I think.

Kate: As Heather says, Cara's problem isn't ruining her life but it's distressing nonetheless, no one likes to see their dog suffering and getting taken seriously is often a challenge.

Plus one of the biggest gripes my customers have is the feeling they're being funnelled along a road they don't wish to travel down (steroids, antibiotics and expensive testing) without having adequate information to hand to be able to make the decision whether to go ahead or not.

Feeding the healthiest food and treats will really help eliminate any problems caused by a poor diet.

Top Tips:

If you recognise the ingredients on the back of the packet and could find them in your kitchen you're onto a winner. Let's face it, who has 'derivatives of vegetable origin' or 'tapioca starch' hanging about in the fridge?

Fresh, uncooked veg make great dog treats: broccoli and carrots are full of vitamins B, C and D among others. Good for the nervous system, eyes and bones.

If you and your dog are tearing your hair out with frustration feel free to email us at or post your problem in the comments box below and we will do our best to help you solve it and get you some relief.