Christmas Pet Perils!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014  |  Kate
92% of vets surveyed treat pets suffering from Christmas holiday hazards

A staggering 92% of vets surveyed have treated a cat or dog suffering from illness or injury caused by Christmas-related customs, according to research from Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance.

The supermarket bank is encouraging pet owners to make sure they don’t risk their pets’ health by spoiling them with inappropriate human treats. Its research amongst vets reveals that 92% of them have treated pets suffering from the effects of eating leftover Christmas dinners or party snacks. Other Yuletide pet perils that vets reported include cats and dogs trying to eat Christmas tree decorations or pine needles or being injured by children’s presents left lying around. 

Eating Christmas food inappropriate for pets, such as chocolate, grapes or leftovers was the most common cause of festive illness or injury, seen by 82% of vets surveyed. This was followed by treating a cat or dog for stress caused by a high number of people in the home over the Christmas period (46%); and then playing with or trying to chew children’s toys (44%) and eating ribbons or strings from presents (42%).

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