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Free Natural Pet Care Article in This Month’s Simply Beautiful Magazine

Monday, 4 February 2013  |  Kate

My Itchy Dog BlogFor any of you that like your beauty products to be all natural, as I suspect you do, check out this months edition of Simply Beautiful Magazine from Page 23 onwards, I really like it.

There's a green buyers guide, an article on why cabbage is good for you (not sure you'll be able to get that past the five-year-olds), and a five page article on natural pet care written by yours truly, among others.

The article covers the basics of natural pet care, where to start if you're just getting going, recipes on healthy treats to make at home plus two pages on deterring fleas and other pests. You can even make your own flea shampoo.

So save a bit of money, rate the magazine as it's new and we all need help at the start of any new venture, and enjoy!