How flax seed helps dogs with allergies

Sunday, 4 February 2018  |  Kate

How dogs get hayfever

For dogs with allergies spring can cause misery as it triggers the start of the hay fever season with early tree pollen, and grass responsible for many atopic allergies in dogs.

Hay fever from tree pollen starts much earlier in the year than that caused by grass pollen which tends to affect many people as well as their pets.

Dogs affected by tree pollen will often show signs of skin irritation such as itching, soreness and general discomfort. Early flowering trees such as birch, hazel and alder can all trigger pollen allergies that affect dogs from March or April, long before the grass allergies kick in, and can make a dog very uncomfortable.

However, by naturally helping your dog's skin defences work as well as they possibly can, you dog is less likely to sneeze and cough.

How flaxseed oil and herbs combat hay fever in dogs

Cold pressed flaxseed oils containing a blend of herbs: wild nettle to help with allergies, milk thistle an anti-oxidant, and camomile, an anti-inflammatory help with hayfever. They are key elements of the diet for naturally improving skin health to cope with pollen allergies. One way to ensure the dog gets the correct balance of these oils is to add Proflax skin & coat to your dog’s diet as this will help to calm sensitivity and irritation in the skin. 

A dog suffering from a tree or grass pollen allergy is likely to scratch and bite its body, possibly pulling out some of his coat.

Licking their paws, head shaking and rubbing their face on the floor are also indications that a dog has hay fever, as is a sensitivity to being touched.

Dozens of Proflax and My Itchy Dog customers have rated Proflax skin & coat at 5 out of 5 for customer satisfaction and many have commented that their dogs have responded better on the product than on some medications such as steroids.

Added benefits of Proflax:

  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Revives dull coats
  • Reduces nibbling and chewing
  • Dextoxifying

Proflax skin & coat contains cold pressed flaxseed with a blend of 7 herbs.

Vets are now recommending it to their clients.

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