How I Keep Nikita Worm Free

Thursday, 19 March 2015  |  Kate

Nikita is my dog, she's a rescue of indeterminate age I took in two years ago so I have no idea of her history. I keep Nikita free of worms using Four Seasons tincture and have done since I got her. Once a month she gets 1ml of Four Seasons in her dinner and that's that. She doesn't get treated with a conventional wormer.

In addition, every three months I do two worm egg counts; one for toxicara and tapeworm, and another for lungworm using a wormcount kit. I fill the sample pots as per the instructions, post them off and the results get emailed back to me a few days later. I've just had Nikita's results back and have posted them below to show you how easy it is. 

You can see she's free of worms and it's odd what a relief it is to know she's healthy in that department.

Instead of treating her for worms she doesn't have with Milbamax or Advocate, she gets a drop of Four Seasons, I save money and she doesn't have unnecessary pesticides administered to the back of her neck 

With lungworm becoming more prevalent in the UK I'm more worried about that than anything else. Once you see the signs of lungworm - coughing, shortness of breath being two it's often to late to do anything about it. So, if you don't like conventional wormers but still want to protect your dogs and cats try either Four Seasons or Verm-X and follow ups with a wormcount. Both products are excellent. I only choose one brand over the other because Nikita doesn't like crunchy treats and I never remember the liquid three days in a road for the Verm-X. It's all down to personal preference.

Niktita's Wormcount Results