How to reduce moulting with Proflax Skin & Coat

1 CommentFriday, 19 October 2018  |  Kate

Your dog's hair requires a constant supply of nutrients to remain anchored in the skin and reduce moulting. Nutrients that support healthy hair are the same as those that support healthy skin: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, which help to combat atopic allergies, inflammation and circulation problems. All of which contribute to moulting in dogs and cats.

Hair that doesn't receive a balanced supply of nutrients becomes dull, loosens, and falls out, so its important to feed your dog a high quality diet to reduce moulting. One of the key thing is to ensure they have sufficient oils in their skin and coat to cope with the drying effects of winter.

We heartily recommend Proflax Skin & Coat because it helps to:

  • Reduce hair loss and moulting
  • Soothe itchy skin
  • Support healthy skin
  • Revive dull coats
  • Reduce nibbling and chewing
  • Detoxify

Proflax Skin and Coat works for dogs, and unfussy cats. It's a blend of cold pressed flaxseed and seven herbs. This blend reduces moulting in dogs and cats, improves skin condition, and brings a dull coat back to full gleam. 

Go to the product page for a full ingredients and benefits. 

Diane Millard
Friday, 20 February 2015  |  20:30

i have read your book, and as a result started feeding my new puppy 8 weeks old on raw nuggets from natures menu.He loves it and is thriving.xx