How Verm-X for dogs works to kill internal parasites, naturally.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012  |  Kate

Customers ask us "does Verm-X really work?" and we say, in a word, yes. We don't say that because we sell it, we say it because it's true.

We know your dog is handsome, we're sure he's the George Clooney of his species but parasites don't go on looks. This article is about how you can make your dog the least attractive prospect in the room to parasites and do it herbally, using Verm-X for dogs, and avoiding conventional purging treatments.

Verm-X Treatments Treatment Dog Dogs Cat Cats Parasite InternalHere are the answers to a few of your most frequently asked questions about Verm-X for dogs and cats.

How does Verm-X work compared to conventional products?

A conventional treatment, such as Drontal, works by purging your dog's system whereas Verm-X works to improve the overall gut health of your dog which in turn expels and eradicates intestinal challenges overall.

Does Verm-X have any other benefits?

Indeed it does! Verm-X acts as a digestive tonic which will give your dog good overall protection. Feeding Verm-X helps to build a healthy gut, enabling your dog or cat to rid itself of internal parasites and build up a better immunity. Verm-X products are kind to the environment too.

Do herbs work?

Before the 1930s there were no petroleum based products around, there were just herbs. Verm-X is made up of herbs that have been used for centuries as a natural way to control intestinal challenges. This makes Verm-X ideal for anyone preferring a natural approach.