Karen and Pebble Red, Inflamed, Sticky, Itchy Skin Part I

6 CommentsTuesday, 5 February 2013  |  Kate

Please read all of this blog post. I know it's long (I've even divided it up into two posts) but the story Karen tells is one which I know will be familiar to many of you. She has a lot of great tips plus the answers she's discovered along the way, which will help many of you. Mostly common sense, that's really useful and free.

Karen and Pebble:

I'm not sure if my own experiences with my 2 itchy dogs will be of any use to anyone but I'm more than happy to share just in case it is... even if just to give someone the encouragement to keep going with their dog.

I know what it's like when you think you'll never get to a point where your poor dog will be free of constantly painful, irritated, itchy skin. I have 2 dalmatians... both have suffered from skin complaints!

My older dog, Pebble, has had the worse skin issues of the 2 – she's now 10 & her skin condition is completely under control - I can't remember the last time she had any itchiness.

When she was 2 she was very ill, with chronic gastric ulcers & ulcerative colitis due to food allergies (allergy diagnosed from gut biopsies). Despite trying exclusion diets & a variety of natural remedies, her symptoms were unmanageable unless she was on constant steroids.

She saw a specialist, got an accurate diagnosis, was given a long course of medication & changed on to a diet of Hills z/d. When she came off the steroids for her colitis/gastritis, we realised that she also had allergies that affected her skin – skin symptoms must have been kept under control by the steroids.

Her feet became red, inflamed, sticky, itchy with deep pus filled lesions & the skin over her lower back was hot & inflamed. These areas were also smelly as she developed bacterial/fungal infections.

Initially she was given steroids, anti-biotics & medicated shampoo to get the conditions under control but symptoms recurred when medications were withdrawn - she was then seen by a skin specialist.

Allergy testing of her skin showed that of the allergens tested, she was allergic to meadow grass, house dust mites, purple clover & feathers(!) – Evening Primrose Oil helped her slightly as did Phytopica but the biggest improvement came after beginning immunotherapy which she’s been receiving for about 7 years.

We had to play about with her dose slightly as the usual 1ml injection every 4 weeks was too much & she would be itching for 2 days after injections – she gets a 0.75 ml dose.

Karen's Top Tips:

my itchy dog customer stories blogAs well as keeping up with her immunotherapy injections, we regularly hoover any carpeted areas & soft furnishings in our house & our dogs’ bedding is washed once a week at 60°C to keep house dust mites to a minimum - because they are both such sensitive creatures(!), I make sure that bedding is washed in a non-biological liquid.

I'm very aware of the rubbish that's in a lot of the current best-selling commercial diets & I'd love to give Pebble a diet which has an ingredients list that makes for better reading than her current diet & is richer in omega oils - with her food allergies this isn't possible (attempts to change her diet have caused recurrence of her colitis symptoms).

If you and your dog are tearing your hair out with frustration feel free to email us at contact@myitchydog.co.uk or post your problem in the comments box below and we will do our best to help you solve it and get you some relief.

Roz Armstrong
Monday, 25 May 2015  |  15:03

Hi I'm at my wits end over itchy skin on my Dalmatian any comments or advice welcome ! I adopted my dog back in November and his former owners said he kept scratching his shoulder - my vet has all his former records now And it seems every avenue has been explored and most tests have been done. His former life wasn't good though he was kept for long periods on his own in an outhouse and my vet feels his scratching is a habit formed through frustration and boredom. I think he's a frightened dog he's getting training now and long walks and has blossomed but his back looks dreadful! I get snide comments when I'm out with him, I've ordered off amazon some little boots so he can't scratch too hard but until they arrive this week he's going to be scratching away! The dog trainer commented that it seems like an anxious habit when he gets stressed, my vet is reluctant to give meds as he can't find anything clinically wrong, I feed him grain free food . Thank you

Tuesday, 26 May 2015  |  10:31

Hi Roz, give us a call on 01903 256373 for more info but if it's stress I'd recommend Dorwest scullcap and valerian and/or Pet Remedy plug ins.

For the bare bits I'd heartily recommend Skinny dip shampoo and Spray as they will take the itch out and heal the skin.


Pamela Walmsley
Tuesday, 23 June 2015  |  0:27

Hi my 1 yr old newfie has itchy flaky skin all down her back, she also has a few red hotspots. She has had antibiotics for a week and they did seem to help her. I have her on fish oil tablets, evening primrose tablets and yumega oil. They seem to help a bit but not enough! I have read that yumega plus would be better but i dont know whatcto do? I knoe she needs something to help erase the red hotspots, dry flaky skin and the itchiness but i want something that someone can recommend as 100% improvement. Her skin was fine until we took her to hydrotherapy for her hips, our vet now thinks the same as we do and that is the chlorine they put in the pool has irritated her skin. Swimming has temporarily stopped until her skin is back to normal, poor isla! I dont like to see her scratching knowing i am not helping her enough! Please can anyone help us with this?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015  |  14:44

Hi Pamela

If it's chlorine she's reacting to then I would wash her with our neem and coconut shampoo as soon as she gets out of the pool then apply neem cream when she's dry.

This will take any itching out, soothe the red spots and stop the flaking.

Shampoo can be found here https://www.myitchydog.co.uk/my-itchy-dog-neem-coconut-shampoo-and-conditioner.html

Neem cream is here https://www.myitchydog.co.uk/skinny-cream-200ml-with-neem-relieves-itchy-sore-skin-repels-fleas-tick-and-mites.html

Hope that helps.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017  |  21:06

Hi, I am hoping that you are able to help with my Dalmatian. He is 7 now and for about 6 months he has been constantly scratching his right shoulder mostly while out walking. I have had him on courses of antibacterial tablets and courses of steroids. He is itch free until the steroids stop. I am at a loss and it's upsetting me to see how much discomfort he is obviously in. I am wondering if the injections may help Arthur?? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 13 April 2017  |  11:12

Hi Connie

You're probably a long way off immunotherapy yet. Try rubbing Skinny Cream https://www.myitchydog.co.uk/csj-skinny-cream-with-neem.html into the itchy patch twice a day. The neem will kill any parasite that's present, and any yeast too. It will also promote healing and fur regrowth and the coconut will soothe. Try that first. Much cheaper!