Kill a flea infestation using natural products

Wednesday, 24 April 2019  |  Kate

How to get rid of a flea infestation using only natural foggers and sprays

It’s estimated that for every flea you can find on your dog there are nine others in the house you can’t. If you find an adult flea on your dog or cat there will be others in various stages of the flea lifecycle lying in wait; egg, larvae, pupae and flea.

So there are three things you have to do in order to clear your home of them completely. All three are best done on the same day so you’re not tackling one part of the job while the other parts rage out of control. If you don’t get on top of things it’s only going to get worse. Sorry about that. I speak from experience!

Treat the animals

First things first, establish whose ‘ground zero’ in the household, who brought the fleas into the house in the first place. Check all your pets and get them treated.

Cats are hard to treat naturally.

If it’s a cat get a veterinary treatment, not a shop bought one, and treat them. Or, if they’ll let you give them a bath! Another way, if you don’t want to give them a conventional treatment is to dust them with diatomaceous earth, but the key thing with cats is to go through them every day with a flea comb. This will remove live fleas and dredge their fur for eggs. I would also quarantine them to a conservatory or kitchen, somewhere with hard floors while you get rid of them, otherwise they will continue to drop eggs everywhere.

Dogs are easier to treat naturally.

Most fleas you find on dogs are actually cat fleas. Cat fleas have flatter heads and can move more swiftly through fur, so are more common. Even if your dog is protected against fleas if your house is jumping then so is the dog. Fleas will jump on, bite then fall off but it will leave your dog itching and scratching until they’re all gone. Flea bites can quickly turn into flea allergic dermatitis which is incredibly itchy and upsetting for dogs.


To take the natural route wash your dog in Skinny Shampoo to kill as many fleas as possible and help with any itching, then use a good conditioner and go through their fur with a flea comb while the conditioner is in. This will get rid of any lingering fleas and many of the eggs.

After that use Skinny Spray every day on the areas where the fur is at it’s thinnest. This will kill and repel any fleas that jump on before they can bite.


If you don’t want to, or can’t wash your dog then use our Apex spray. Spray onto the fur and rub it right down to the skin. Put it on all the areas with the thinnest skin too – groin, armpits, belly etc.

Repeat the spraying daily until you don’t see any more fleas. You can also wash again if you need to.

Keep your pets in one place if you can, preferably with hard floors and already treated, until the house has been cleared out so they’re not pounced on again. This is why all of it needs to be done on the same day. Clearing a room with a fogger is the fastest way to do it.

Wash everything!

Before you clean the house it’s time to get the washing on. Start at the top of the house at the room farthest away from the washing machine. Get everything to the washing machine then you can start on the house while that’s going. Don’t start cleaning the house until everything is by the washing machine so you’re not dropping eggs and larvae on your newly treated floors!


• Bedding
• Mattress protectors
• Towels
• Any clothes that have been on the floor
• Blankets
• Blankets reserved for the dog and cat
• Dog and cat beds
• Anything else you can think of (bath mat)

Follow the care instructions on all of it and wash everything on as high a temperature as they will allow. Instead of drying in your tumble dryer where any errant eggs could thrive either take the lot to the launderette and dry it there, or hang it out to dry on the washing line.

Now, to the house!

Treat the home

Your floors, carpets, nooks, crannies and crevices, bedding, bed frames, sofas and cushions, the soles of your shoes now need cleaning. I am not kidding. Anywhere the cat has been and the dog has followed now has flea eggs on it. The eggs are hatching into larvae and spinning themselves into pupae so the whole lifecycle can perpetuate itself. This is why it’s so crucial to treat the house.


• Vacuum
• Fogger
• Spray

In that order.

Vacuum all the floors then throw away the hoover bag in the bin outside. If you have a bagless hoover wash the container out if possible then spray inside the container with Apex spray.

You can use a flea fogger for each room, or a spray, or a combination of the two, whatever suits you. Ours are organic, aren’t harmful to pets and don’t contain any pesticides. They’re also odourless. You can go back into the room after releasing a fogger within minutes.

If using a fogger, make sure all windows and doors are shut, put it on the floor in the centre of the room, release it and leave the room closing the door behind you. That’s it. Every room needs one fogger, and depending on the size of your hall, stairs and landing one fogger should do that area too. This should treat all the nooks and crannies, but I would follow up with the spray as well.

Go around the house and spray along the edges of skirting boards, carpets, floorboards, crevices, along the edges of bed frames, on mattresses, on bathroom floors, all of it. You don’t need to go mad with it just a light spray on it all. Then leave it down.

You shouldn’t have any discolouration because our spray is clear but always test an area with the spray before doing an entire floor or sofa first.

Leave it for a couple of days then vacuum again and spray again, far less of a mammoth task than before. Repeat every couple of days for a week and that should take care of business.

Once the dog and cat have been treated, the washing is done and the house has been treated that first time you can let them back into the house. Check them both daily, especially the cat. If that cat was really badly infested then I’d keep them away from the main part of the house until you can’t find any fleas during your daily comb.

It’s a hard day’s work but the only real solution for getting rid of a flea infestation. Good luck!

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