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Know Your Dog Treats - Part 2

Thursday, 25 April 2013  |  Kate

Dental Health

Dental treats are a great way to keep your dog occupied for hours while promoting healthy gums and teeth. These treats help to fight bad breath and are perfect for dogs that suffer from food intolerance. Our healthy dental treats are made from high quality ingredients so they help to clean your dog's teeth in addition to being extremely tasty.

Our Stag Bars are long lasting, filled with marrow, and are a healthy alternative to animal bones. They are only collected went they are naturally shed by the deer and come from UK deer. Our Stag Bars are packed with important minerals and are not empty like a lot of traditional rawhide treats. We also have a Stag Bar Ring Tug Toy and a Stag Bar Tug Chew Toy so you can enjoy a tug of war with your dog and they can enjoy the treat between times.


Using treats as a training tool is very common: rewarding good behaviour (positive reinforcement) is excellent for training out undesirable behaviour. This can be done with most dogs and if it's done while they're still puppies they can learn the appropriate behaviour while they're still young. While a lot of treats can cause unnecessary weight gain, feeding treats in moderation can be an extremely good motivator for exercise.

Dogs enjoy interaction, fun, and the outdoors so combining all three with a healthy treat can create a fun day out for the both of you and your dog will get plenty of exercise. Remember that a healthy dog is always ready to eat so don't take their begging as an indication that they actually need to eat. It's best not to give into begging at all because if they learn that persistence works they'll keep trying until you give in.

If you decide to use treats for training you can find our healthy range here, they're great for puppies too. One thing to remember when training is to be consistent: if you use treats to enforce a rule make sure that rule always applies even when you take the treats away otherwise the training is pointless.