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Know Your Dog Treats - Part 3

Thursday, 25 April 2013  |  Kate

Know Your Treats

All dogs should be able to enjoy a healthy, natural treat once in a while but lots dogs have specific requirements that preclude them from enjoy most mainstream treats. We have many different treat ranges for dogs with special dietary requirements so you can pick out something they'll really enjoy.

Wheat and gluten allergies can make finding treats a real hassle so we've put together a range of wheat and gluten free dog treats. We have a selection of vegetarian dog treats available as well for those dogs that are intolerant to meat. We have many kinds of treats to chose from including a range of natural dog biscuits.

Finding treats for hypoallergenic dogs is also a common complain amongst dog owners but we have a healthy selection of hypoallergenic dog treats at My Itchy Dog that your pooch is sure to love. We also carry treats for diabetic dogs as no dog should be denied a healthy snack from time to time so take a look!

Avoid Toxins and Cooked Bones

A sorrowful whine or a doe eyed stare while you're trying to eat can guilt the best of us into sharing a little bit of our dinner with our dogs. Over the years though this can add up to your dog gaining weight so try not to give into them and instead only feed them at their own meal times.

There are even foods that we eat that can be fatal to our dogs so it's best to cover all bases. Avocadoes should be avoided because they contain Persin which is a fungicidal toxin that can poison dogs and cause diarrhoea and vomiting. Chocolate is an obvious one. It contains Theobromine, another dog poison that is lethal in a high enough concentration and the smaller the dog, the smaller the dose needs to be to become fatal. Grapes and Raisins have been found to cause renal (kidney) failure in dogs as well, although why this occurs is still a mystery. Macadamia Nuts are known to cause a toxic reaction called macadamia nut toxicosis when eaten by canines so steer clear. Onions are another one and they have been known to cause anaemia in dogs. Xylitol is a sweetener found in sweets and chewing gum and if it's eaten by dogs it can elevate blood pressure and even cause seizures.

Finally, cooked animal bones are to be avoided at all costs! When bones are cooked they become brittle and pieces can break off when they're chewed. If these pieces are swallowed they can puncture vital organs with can be fatal.

Make Your Own Treats

There are several benefits to making your own dog treats. If your dog has allergies or food intolerance then you can avoid their triggers when making their treats so they can enjoy their treats in peace. Every dog is different so it can be hard to find treats that are specifically tailored to your dog's dietary requirements. If you make your own treats you'll know exactly what's going into your dog's goodies which can be difficult when buying commercial dog treats.

If you'd like be able to understand the jargon on pet food labels read our free guide.You can try substituting healthier foods for treats instead like baby carrots; dogs love the crunch so these can make an excellent alternative. Take a look at these free dog treat recipes.