Linda's Pesky Parasite Problem

Tuesday, 5 February 2013  |  Kate

Linda's dogs were itching and scratching for England when I asked her what the problem was. Here's her answer.

What is/was your biggest challenge relating to your dog’s skin problems?

The constant chewing scratching of four dogs when there is nothing to be found, no inmates.

How difficult has it been to find the answer you were looking for?

This was endless, I have had a Newfoundland previously that had bad skin. I tried all sorts of therapy and didn’t want to go back down this route. I emailed a friend who put a blog out asking who used what for wormers - fleas – itchy skin, interesting results yours was stated several times.

What tips would you like to share with other dog owners you think could help?

My Itchy Dog Customer Stories BlogBilly No Mates is worth a try, my dogs won't eat their food without it on, their coats have come through so thick and they're not scratching and biting their skin any more. For the price of a tub it's worth a try if you don't like it, it won't break the bank, and there were no chemicals involved.

Linda: I will buy my two friends a tub each because my...

1st friend has two working cockers both neutered. I think this can mix up their hormones too. They chew their fur when they get hot and bothered and their skin has become bald over time.

2nd friend re-homed a dog two months ago. A young Newfoundland bitch previous owner never groomed dog she was matted and covered in fleas. Friend shaved her off for her benefit. Tragedy of the story is Honey came to them on the Tuesday their Gardener run her over on the Thursday.

Two broken legs £4k later, plates etc. She now has wet eczema on her face, vet has said this is stress related but could be down to fleas too. Honey is a delightful girl, she is on the road to recovery but her face is flaring up on a weekly basis even though she has antibiotic cream.

Kate: I know Ekoneem will really help, its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe and calm any flare ups and it's frankly spectacular at clearing up wet eczema. Her facial problems are stress related and should clear up permanently after she's recovered from her physical injuries.