Millie & Kim - An Itchy Dog Progress Report

Tuesday, 5 February 2013  |  Kate

My Itchy Dog Customer Stories BlogRemember the lovely Millie, a Jack Russell cross? Aged around three and a half years old, she was rescue and adopted by Kim and Jason after being kept in a rabbit hutch, beaten and starved by her first owners.

When Kim got Millie, she would wee all over the house (the dog, not Kim, obviously), she was underweight and size, with skin so bad and itchy as to drive her bonkers. Since then, with great care and hard work from Kim and Jason, she’s been making steady progress and look at her now, just a few months on.

She’s gaining confidence, and a bit of cheek judging by this photo of her trying to sneak into Kim's bed which means she finally realises she’s in a safe place.

My Itchy Dog Customer Stories BlogKim says: "She is crazy at the moment. I take her for walks but she still runs around with toys, she is like a puppy all over again. She's not scratched for over a week, or wee'd on floor. I know we will have set backs, but also good times. Thanks for your help."

Then a couple of weeks ago I had another email with this photo. "I think she looks much better...cheeky little girl that she is. Here is another pic of how well Millie looks. She is with my colourful partner, Jason.

"You can see how good the fur on her neck has come back. She did have one scab on her shoulder, but that has gone now, her fur has come back really full now, and she still My Itchy Dog Customer Stories Blog asn't wee'd in the house since the last email. She is doing really well, no scabs for over 2 weeks."

So that's a big hurrah for Resist and Ekoneem Oil too in trumpet blowing terms. These have worked brilliantly to sort out the itchy and sore skin, all the rest (the really hard slog) has been down to Kim and Jason.

As for the tattoos Kim said: "Jason has high pain threshold!" No kidding!