My Itchy Dog's recycling & plastics policy

Wednesday, 17 January 2018  |  Kate

With so much in the news about plastic washing up on the beaches and endangering wildlife, and so much of it single use, unable to be recycled I thought I'd let you know about My Itchy Dog's and My Itchy Kid's recycling policy and efforts.


All the packaging we use to ship your orders is recyclable. Cardboard boxes can be put out with your normal recycling or reused. We protect the box contents with air pillow packaging made of an e-plastic which is recyclable, bio-degradable and vegan believe it or not. Most loose fill plastics contain a slip lubricant derived from animals, ours does not.

We no longer use packing peanuts, even those made with cornstarch as many councils don't recycle them. All our invoices and leaflets are paper or card and fully recyclable too. Our shampoo, conditioner and creams bottles and jars are reusable and recyclable, and we're working on a better packaging for our treat bags.

In the office

All our office printer paper is bought in already recycled and we only print what we need. Anything sensitive is shredded and added to the rest for recycling. We also use scrap paper for making notes. We use Laserjet printers and take the empty ink cartridges to the local refuse centre for recycling, along with any batteries we use in the office.