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Owners of Itchy Dogs You Are Not Alone!

4 CommentsMonday, 4 February 2013  |  Kate

I set up My Itchy Dog after I'd had enough of endless searches for natural products that would help our Bedlington Terrier, Ronnie's skin problems which resulted from a flea allergy.

Please help me to help owners of itchy dogs!

My Itchy Dog Kate and Ronnie BlogThanks to your support I've been going for 18 months now and I'm finally in a position to launch a shiny new blog which I hope to build into a community resource for dog owners just like you:
  • who want to see their dogs healthy and happy,
  • who want to find well researched and qualified,
  • answers to their questions all in one place,
  • who want to use natural products that really work, wherever possible.
There will be guest blogs from the makers of Yumega Plus, TV vet Joe Inglis from Vets Kitchen and Verm-X on natural parasite control. In depth articles on:
  • What really goes into commercial pet food and how to select a food that's right for your dog - simply and quickly,
  • Lots of free tips on how to try and stop your dog itching without spending a penny and how to 'de-itch' your home,
  • Product reviews and personal stories from customers who have managed to successfully treat their dog's skin problem.
You can help - Just answer these 3 questions.

I want the blog to be packed with only the most relevant information so I'm asking the experts (you!)what information will really help others like you?

If you would like to contribute pleaseemail meat and answer three questions:
  • What is/was your biggest challenge relating to your dog's skin problems?
  • How difficult has it been to find the answer you were looking for?
  • What tips would you like to share with other dog owners that you think could help?
Answers can be anything from one sentence to chapter and verse. I'll read and respond to every one.

I won't be sharing any of your personal details but I would like to publish some of your comments, stories and suggestions and credit you by your first name only. Please just put 'don't print my name' if you'd rather I didn't.

Credit where its due.

If you want to send me your personal stories please do, I'd love to read them. Include photos too if you have them (especially if you have before and after photos of your dog and his/her skin problem).

I will publish your first name only, but please only send me photos you're happy for me to put up online, i.e. if you're in the photo make sure you're happy for me to publish the whole photo. If you'd rather not be in it please let me know so I can crop the image.

Thank you very much. Here's to happy blogging and answers that will help everyone.

Linda Heatley
Friday, 9 October 2015  |  19:48

Help my dog is now on aproquel and has been for last 12 months which is costing 50 per month and she is still constantly scratching her ears. My husband plucks her ears which is getting more distressing for our dog. All the vet keeps saying is the next step is surgery at a cost of 600 per ear!

Friday, 4 December 2015  |  12:27

Hi Linda

Look at diet, what are you feeding her? Give me a call on 01903 256373 or email so we can have a chat.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017  |  9:30

HI, i have an 11 month old bedlington terrier/poodle cross. At around 6 months he started biting/scratching his thighs and lower back. The vet believes a flea bite has caused the reaction and prescribed a course of steroid tablets. This has worked but as soon as he comes off them, the problem starts again. He is flea free and his tummy often is red and hot. I hate seeing him so uncomfortable. Hes also got bald spots where he is biting his back. As well as the steroid tablets, I have given him Yumega itchy dog in his food, tried tea tree sprays and creams but nothing is working. I am totally at my wits end. Any advice is appreciated

Wednesday, 20 December 2017  |  12:20

We have a Bedlington called Ronnie who gets awful flea allergic dermatitis from bites. He writhes all over the place. It doesn't help that they don't moult.

We use Skinny Shampoo from My Itchy Dog on him to wash him once in a while, and Skinny Spray daily. This keeps any fleas, ticks or mites off him and it's sorted the problem. Try that.