Paw Housekeeping For Dogs - Keep Your Dog’s Paws Healthy This Winter

3 CommentsMonday, 11 December 2017  |  Kate

3 Simple Steps To Healthy Paws

A dog’s paws can really take a battering in winter; the constant rain, mud, snow, ice, road salt, and those nasty black puddles you get by the roadside, all slushy and oily. It’s a real challenge, and yet still they seem to skip through the lot quite happily. I’m amazed they stay in such good shape, frankly.

I walk my little crossbreed rescue dog, Nikita no matter what the weather because she really needs it.

The problem with that is she walks through all sorts. Up on the South Downs it’s all mud, grit, ice, chalk and sharp flint. On the beach it’s sand and more flint. I think the roads are the worse especially when it’s been raining hard, is icy or snowing and the salt spreaders have been at work.

This means her toes are clogging up with mud, grit and sand. Her pads are taking a battering and the fur on her feet is matting.

So I’ve got a really simple routine for her every time we come back from a dog walk to keep her paws healthy. If I don’t do it I’ll miss any big scratches and her feet will remain dirty and damp making them prone to itching and developing a fungal infection.

Try it, and keep your dog’s paws healthy in winter.


Put a towel down on the floor, put your dog in the bath, shower, bowl or sink and just rinse her paws with warm water, no soap required. Make sure you get right in between the toes and wash out all the grit, mud and salt. Rinse the fur too.


Next put her on the dry towel and dry her paws and legs. Again, get right between the toes.


Once or twice a week, depending on how bad it is out there rub the pads with Diet Dog Paw Balm.

Paw Balm is a blend of herbs and essential oils that moisturise and condition dry, irritated and cracked paws. I use it a couple of times a week in winter to help defend and protect Nikita’s paws.

That’s it, dead simple. No fungal problems, no cracks or irritation. Plus her feet smell all the better for it.

Fran Wells
Monday, 11 December 2017  |  16:31

Doesn't she lick it all off?
My little dog would!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017  |  9:06

Hi Fran

Diet Dog Balm is quite a light balm and you only need a tiny amount which you massage in, a bit like putting hand cream on. And it won't hurt if they lick it after that.


Friday, 2 February 2018  |  21:18

I always get scared that something will happen when I walk my dogs in the winter time because it's cold! This was very helpful. I also read another article Now I have tips on when I walk my dogs in the snow and your tips to keep my dogs paw healthy after the walk. Thanks for sharing!!