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228 CommentsWednesday, 27 March 2019  |  Kate
Why is my dog itching and scratching?

Here are a few reasons why your dog might be scratching its backside and chewing its paws. The skin is the largest organ in the body and so it is not entirely surprising that skin diseases account for a significant proportion of dogs with allergies and visits to both the doctors and the vets.

5 CommentsTuesday, 26 March 2019  |  Kate
How to reduce moulting with Proflax Skin & Coat

Your dog's hair requires a constant supply of nutrients to remain anchored in the skin and reduce moulting. Nutrients that support healthy hair are the same as those that support healthy skin: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

5 CommentsWednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
Neem - The natural parasite killer

Neem oil - the organic, pure stuff - is brilliant for repelling and clearing out fleas, ticks, mites, lice and flies. It will also sort out mange, but make sure there isn't an underlying bacterial infection with mange, especially if it's been there a while.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
Winter skin care tips for your dog

It's freezing! There's even snow in parts and the gritters are out in force. So, with all that salt on the road, de-icing going on, and moving between extremes of hot and cold day after day, your dog's skin can get dry and in a bit of a state. Fungus likes the kind of hot, humid environment we create going from outside in the wet to inside, lounging by a radiator, which can make your dog's skin itch like mad too.

4 CommentsWednesday, 24 October 2018  |  Kate
3 steps to keep dog paws healthy in winter

Sore dog paws are a real problem in winter. Parks and country walks are saturated with mud and puddles, and pavements and roads are covered in ice, antifreeze, salt, grit and snow. Avoid an expensive vet visit this winter to treat sore, itchy paws by following these three simple steps to keep them tip top.

4 CommentsThursday, 29 March 2018  |  Kate
Alabama Rot in dogs: Spot the signs and protect your dog

What is Alabama Rot? Alabama Rot is a potentially fatal disease in dogs. Tragically 70-80% of cases prove to be fatal. At least 29 cases have been confirmed in the UK so far in 2018, in addition to the 40 cases in 2017 and 19 cases in 2016.

Monday, 5 February 2018  |  Kate
How to keep fleas off your dog in winter

When autumn and winter come, we batten down the hatches. We crank up the central heating, wrap up in blankets on the sofa, and we lock the doors until spring. This environment is perfect for fleas who like to party. Here's why.

7 CommentsFriday, 17 March 2017  |  Kate

Over 80% of dog owners are guilty of dressing up their dogs in some form or another, even if itís only a coat to protect against the cold, and this is leading to a rise in skin diseases among dogs.

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