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StagBar Deer Antler Dogs Chews Why Dogs and Their Owners Love Them

Tuesday, 5 February 2013  |  Kate

What is a Stag Bar?

Stag bars are deer antlers, shed naturally each year, then gathered up, cleaned and cut to size.

What is deer antler made from?

Deer antlers start life as cartilage which grows from the tip upwards and is mineralised to become bone. They attach to a point on the skull known as a pedicle. While they’re growing the antler is covered by skin known as velvet, which supplies blood and nutrition to the bone. Once the antler has reached its full size the velvet falls away and the antler bone dies. The bone at the base is destroyed naturally and the antler falls off.

So they're all ethically sourced then?

Yes they are. All Pure Dog Stag Bars are sourced in the UK, not from culled stock. Deer antlers fall off naturally each autumn, which is why they’re occasionally out of stock around September as stocks from the previous year runs out while we’re waiting for the new antlers to drop off.

Do deer antler chews splinter?

Nope! Stag Bars won’t splinter. They’re uncooked bone so just wear down as they’re worked on by your dog.

Why do dogs love them?

Dogs find them irresistible. Chewing releases 'happy' brain chemicals hence Stag Bars keep dogs happy, occupied and using up excess energy. Plus, once they've worn the outer bone away they reach dry marrow which is their favourite part.

Why do dog owners love them?

My Itchy Dog Customer Stories BlogBecause they don't splinter, are low in fat, they're not nutritionally 'empty' like rawhide, they contain important minerals, are long lasting, won’t chip or cause blockages, are good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and help clean teeth. They won't leave a stain on the carpet and don't smell. They are a 'raw' treat so complement a raw diet.

How long do they last?

The short answer is 'it depends on the dog'. Not as flippant as it sounds, if the dog likes to bury it and come back to it later then it will last ages, and not decay if left in the garden (though it might get nicked by the local fox.) Essentially they're very long lasting chews whether licked into submission or gnawed down to a nub.

Why choose them over rawhide or other chews?

Stag Bars keep dogs occupied and happy for hours on end, unlike hide or compressed vegetable fibre chews. They don't contain nylon like other long lasting chews and they won’t cause blockages.

If you've got a dog with a sensitive stomach or you’re keeping an eye on their weight you want as simple and low fat a treat as possible. Other treats can be eaten quickly with your dog then looking at you with those doe eyes wanting another.

Size guide

See the Stag Bar page for which size to choose and watch bichon, Tommy getting to grips with his.

Stag Bar Reviews:

"My dog is so enthusiastic about his antler chew I've had to ration it to half an hour, twice a day. He's had it a week now and has barely made headway around the edges of it."

"The definitely stand up to enthusiastic chewers."

"I got an extra large one and it's lasted ages, he loves it! Used to spend so much on rawhide chews that didn't last ten minutes but he's had the Stag Bar for four hours and it's barely made a dent."