Stress & Anxiety

6 CommentsThursday, 12 July 2018  |  Kate
The guilt of owning a dog

Ive just come off the beach. Its 6.30am on a Thursday and Nikita and I have walked 2 miles along the sand and back, now were heading home and I just felt a massive stab of guilt. Not for the first time today and definitely not the last, that I am not giving my dog the life she wants, or deserves.

4 CommentsTuesday, 3 October 2017  |  Kate
7 tips to prepare your dog for a fear free firework season

For phobic dogs and cats terrified of fireworks, thunderstorms and loud noises preparation is everything. A little forward planning can go along way to reducing the anxiety and distress.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012  |  Kate
Bonfire night and stressful times for dogs

Bonfire Night can be a very stressful time for anxious dogs with the constant fireworks going off. Since dogs don't know what fireworks are, they probably assume the doggiepocalypse is nigh so weve put together some tips to help your dog remain calm.