Warning Over Ham Bone Dog Treats After Dog Death

4 CommentsWednesday, 9 January 2013  |  Kate

An awful story has just appeared in my local paper about a dog who died on Christmas day after eating a cured ham bone from Bob Martin, bought from the local Tesco.

In the interests of fairness, and to spread awareness, Bob Martin is by no means the only brand to sell cured bones. They're processed by a company, then packed in the branding of whoever sells them; Pets at Home, Good Boy, Valuepets are just a few who sell them too.

You can read the full story in the Argus here 'More Dog Owners Hit Out at Dog Danger' but the nub of the story is, a poor miniature Schnauzer called Burtie, died on Christmas day after the ham bone his owners bought from the pet section at Tesco became lodged in his stomach.


Vets couldn't do anything to save him so the kindest thing to do was to let him go. Two other dog owners have come forward since, after their dogs became sick from eating the same ham bone dog treat, luckily they both recovered.

It's an incredibly sad story, and the only thing we can take away from it is to spread the news as far and wide as possible to avoid cooked or cured bones entirely. Raw bones are OK, especially chicken bones, as they're so soft.

There are plenty of excellent healthy dog treats out there but if you do want to give your dog a bone get a raw one from your butcher, avoid leg bones and make sure it's too big for the dog to get it in his or her mouth.

A good alternative to bones is a Stag Bar, which is deer horn, not bone so will not splinter, just wear down gradually.

Please pass this story on, especially to anyone you know who may not be aware about the dangers of cooked bones.

Angela Pearson
Thursday, 7 February 2013  |  14:51

My dog Minnie nearly died after eating a cured hambone, also from Tesco. I thought she would be ok with it as it was pretty big, how wrong I was. Took her to the vet when her stomach looked bloated & she was kept in & operated on straight away. If she hadn't been brought in when she was, she wouldn't have survived the night. I stick to Stag Bars now & Nylabone products.

T Armstrong
Saturday, 4 October 2014  |  18:29

Hi, I alsohad the worst experience of my life after giving my dog a ham bone (also from Tesco), he had been having this type of bone since he was a Pup (he is a staff by the way) and the vets had always said staffies have great stomachs for anything !! He was 6 was the awful event happened, he had a bone and could not go to the toilet, by the end of the day we were concerend and took him to the vets, to cut a long story short, he had a knuckle of the bone lodged in his bowel and as they thought it ws splitered bone, they manipulated this on the outside to break it up but it wan't splinters ! they actually broke through his bowel and started perontinitus and they wanted us to say good buy to him (that was never gonna happen) !! so he had a majaor op and 8,000 later... he recovered really well and is approaching his 9th birthday now, PLEASE NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG COOKED BONES I never thought I would ever experience anything like this, please get this message out to as many loving dog owners as I thought I was buying a dog treat in dog section THESE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED !!!!!!!!!

Beverley Mason
Saturday, 21 November 2015  |  11:03

My Rough Collie died three days after finding an old chicken bone in the garden. She had crunched it and swallowed it before we could take it from her. It was a cooked bone. She didn't show any symptoms of distress and died during the night.

Friday, 4 December 2015  |  12:11

Hi Beverley

That's awful! I'm so sorry. I wonder if it was a fox who brought it into the garden? Did you ever find out?

I hope you're doing alright. Which sounds trite but all my best wishes.