Why Naturediet is My Itchy Dog's favourite wet dog food.

5 CommentsThursday, 25 July 2019  |  Kate

Why I always recommend Naturediet for dogs.

My itchy dog has been running for 10 years now and it became apparent very early on that what we feed our dogs, the quality of that food, is what will determine their overall health for the long term. So much so that when a new customer contacts us with a query about their dog’s itching our first question is always “what do you feed your dog, including treats?” That’s our starting point.

Choosing a diet that’s right for your dog. 

Settling on which type of food to feed comes with acres of guilt. Often, owners feel they should be feeding raw, but their dog doesn’t do well on it. The PR, forums, advertising and word of mouth over raw Vs. other dog foods has been overwhelmingly positive. But that’s not to say it’s true and if it doesn’t work for your dog and you that’s fine. I’ll let you in on a secret it’s not compulsory, and you’re dog won’t come to any harm not eating raw.

There is a healthy alternative for your dog out there. One where you don’t need the freezer space can keep a decent amount in the cupboard and, for the quality is really great value for money and I’m here to tell you about our very favourite wet food which falls into this category.


When we’re asked which wet dog food we recommend, without hesitation Naturediet always comes top of our list for wet food for all the reasons below. They’re the answer to what’s most important to dog owners: Quality, price, ingredients and palatability. Owners want to see a happy dog, of a good weight, with a shiny coat, good energy and bright eyes. They don’t want to see all their hard-earned money coming out of their dog’s bottom and the dog being hungry all the time. Try it with an extra 10% off the Purely range with our unique code MYITCHYDOG10


There are some dog foods out there marketing themselves as premium when in fact they’re average at best. Think of a big brand food (and I mean the really big ones). Often their food is made for them by someone else, often not in the UK or from imported ingredients meaning they can put ‘produced in the UK’ on the label. It’s no different than getting a box of cereal, whichever brand you choose it was probably made at the same factory.

This is not unusual practice. Large companies make brands aimed at every price point and it’s reflected in the recipe and quality of ingredients. This doesn’t mean it’s no good, it’s just not particularly transparent and if you don’t know how to interpret a label (and even I struggle occasionally after all this time) you’re in the mire not knowing what to choose!

We like Naturediet because they make the food themselves in their own facility. They’re based in Norfolk and use local suppliers meaning they have full control over ingredients and quality. I love their honesty and transparency, often lacking in other companies. Naturediet have been going for years now in a highly competitive marketplace. They were around when ‘natural’ food wasn’t even on our collective radar and the big boys ruled the dog food world.

Naturediet started making great dog food long before any of the small companies you see now, and they’re still going strong. In business that says a lot about a brand and is always a good sign of staying power through quality, health outcomes and word of mouth.

As an independent retailer myself we thrive on dealing with specialist companies who support us and don’t supply supermarkets. Naturediet have a loyal following with customers and pet shops alike due to their own loyalty and ethics. They have a great online presence too so if you’re far from a good pet shop, or time-strapped visit their website.


I have a 10kg dog, she can be fed for 80p per day on Naturediet. Now, considering the big pet food companies know owners generally want to fork out 70p per day to feed a 10kg, I think for premium food that’s incredibly good value. Add up what a poor food would cost you in vet bills over the years and you’re saving money. Trust me, I really need to watch what I spend, I’ve done the sums. Try it with an extra 10% off the Purely range with our unique code MYITCHYDOG10


Now, to the thing we love the most, the ingredients. Naturediet have always been sparse when it comes to ingredients. They go for substance over style, and their ingredients are sourced locally, meaning no airmiles and far better animal husbandry than most other countries.

Basically, it’s lamb, chicken, turkey, fish or salmon with rice, carrots, bone, and seaweed. If it’s grain free dog food you’re after try this on for size: chicken, carrot, potato, parsnip, egg, ground bone and seaweed.

So, 60% meat content with four other ingredients, or six for the grain free. All recognisable, all available (with the exception of ground bone) in the supermarket. No fillers, broth (to up the protein content cheaply), no artificial colours, preservatives or added sugar, no derivatives. You know precisely what you’re getting for your money. A complete, healthy food for 80p a day (scale up or down as appropriate).


There should be no digestive issues when transitioning on to Naturediet. It’s not so packed with ingredients to become too much for their digestion. I liken it to food I could have made myself.


I love that Naturediet is clear about their ingredients. You can call and ask questions if need advice and that’s the real sign of a good company. No smoke and mirrors. No clever and misleading marketing, no inference that the food is made in small kitchens by nannas. Just transparency from a long standing, well respected pet food company.

Environmental responsibility

All Naturediet packaging is recyclable. Their products now come in Tetra Pak boxes and over 95% of councils recycle them. They use 79% less plastic than trays. Because they’re made up of paper, aluminium and polymer they get sent to the Tetra Pak factory in Halifax where they’re separated from each other. The paper is recycled into cardboard while the aluminium goes on to become roofing sheets and the polymers boxes and bins, for example.

So, that’s why we like and recommend Naturediet over and over again. If you’re looking for a change or want to get your dog onto a better food buy a box, try it. You’ve got nothing to lose and your dog will thank you for it. Try it with an extra 10% off the Purely range with our unique code MYITCHYDOG10

Christine Brew
Friday, 26 July 2019  |  14:19

I see that there isn't any nutritious offal in the product? Or is it included under the 'chicken '?
Kind regards

Monday, 29 July 2019  |  11:08

Hi Christine

Please see the following response from Nature Diet:

''Our chicken products contain human grade cuts of meat, heart and kidneys. This percentage is included in the total, we estimate around 5% offal.''

I hope this helps

Christine Brew
Sunday, 4 August 2019  |  14:54

Thanks Natalie. It's for a friend's dog who can't tolerate raw, unlike mine. I'll pass the information onto her. Kind regards Christine

Lesleen Mountjoy
Friday, 26 July 2019  |  20:04

you don't tell me your source of your meat, especially the chicken, turkey, and indeed the salmon because these three are all given antibiotics and keep in very restricted conditions. please give me more information. i wouldn't keep my dog in a cage and dont want to think that the food she eats is kept in those conditions.

Susan Redshaw
Friday, 26 July 2019  |  22:57

I don't find the new packaging easy to open. The old packaging was bad enough but I find the new even less user-friendly.