Help & FAQs

At My Itchy Dog we're only too happy to hear from you and to answer any questions you might have for us. However, a lot of questions are quite common and can be found, and answered, here. If, for any reason, you can't find what you're looking for and still need to get some help, please feel free to contact us.

About My Order

When will my order arrive?

We aim to dispatch your order within 1-4 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays). If, for any reason, your order is delayed, we will be in touch with you via the contact details you enter when you register with us. Your order will then travel via the method you selected when you ordered, so please factor in that time.

Why hasn't my order arrived?

We track the majority of our orders, meaning items rarely get lost. If, for any reason, your order doesn't arrive at the address you specified, we will replace it after 15 working days has elapsed. This is because Royal Mail does not consider an item to be lost before this time. If they have a backlog or a bag of mail goes astray, it can get picked up days after we handed it over to them, hence the 15 day wait time.

Please be careful when adding your delivery address at checkout. This is because our system is automated from ordering right through to the Royal Mail or courier labelling, which means the address you give us is what is printed on the label. If it turns out the address was entered incorrectly the order might be lost or returned to us marked as undeliverable.

We get your order out the door as fast as we possibly can, usually the same or next working day. But we can only do that once we have the order in our hot little hands, so please don't leave it until the last minute to put in your order. I know we're all guilty of it, me included, but if you can give yourself seven days lead time then you won't run out of chews, flea treatment or supplements.

Deliveries can be made to work addresses. If you are expecting a delivery and it hasn't arrived, please look for a delivery attempt card on your mat or in with your post.

My order is incorrect/damaged, what do I do now?

We do get it wrong once in a while, or your order gets buried in the mail under a hundredweight of books! If your order is wrong please contact us immediately and we'll arrange for the correct goods or undamaged goods to be sent out again. If we got it wrong we may ask you to return the goods to us. We will refund your postage costs as soon as we receive them back, as long as they're in the same condition in which they left us.

Will I have to sign for my order?

Customers in the UK will only need to sign for orders where next day delivery has been selected. Overseas customers WILL need to sign for all orders. If you are unavailable, you will be left a card which you can then use to rearrange delivery for a more suitable time.

Will I receive confirmation of my order?

We'll send you a confirmation email detailing the exact order received shortly after your order is placed.

Delivery & Returns

Why do you charge so much for postage and packing?

Actually, we really don't. Postage costs have risen significantly over the past few years and, if you walk up to your Post Office counter, you will pay (2012 prices) £3.50 for 2nd class for a 750-1000g packet and £5.60 to send a packet between 1000-1250g. If you want it the next day it will set you back upwards of £8.00.

The postage and packing charge you pay helps to cover the following:

  • Paper for invoices
  • Postage labels
  • Boxes, envelopes, jiffy bags and bubble wrap
  • The time to pack your order
  • Delivery

If you order more than £40.00 in one order, delivery is free, but essentially it means we swallow that cost, they certainly are not hidden in my product prices. With the current delivery charges we just cover our costs, even though we get a pretty good deal from the Royal Mail. Our current postage charges can be found here. And we promise never to increase them unless we absolutely have to.

Why is your free postage threshold set at £40.00?

Please see the question above for more postal information, but essentially, it's because there is no such thing as 'free delivery'. Either the company offering it must absorb the cost (as we do) or it must be built in to the product prices. The £40.00 threshold is the point at which we can comfortably offer you free delivery. If this limit can ever be reduced, we'll do it.

We're often asked "Pet Mega Dog Store offer free delivery on orders over £20, why don't you do that?" Simply put, they have a far bigger turnover than us, when we’re turning over £10m a year we'll get better deals on couriers and Royal Mail too!

What method do you use to send my order?

We currently use Royal Mail packet post 2nd class which takes 2-3 days and a combination of Royal Mail Special Delivery and FedEx for orders requiring next day delivery.

I've changed my mind, can I send it all back?

Of course you can. You must notify us that you are returning your items, by phone or by email, and the goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt, as per the Distance Selling Regulations.

If you simply change your mind, please send your order back to the returns address on your invoice and, as long as the goods are in the same condition as they were when they left us, useable and saleable, we will refund your money in full minus any postage charges. We don't refund P&P if you’re returning the goods to us because you had a change of heart, only if the goods are damaged or we've sent out the wrong item.

You can find more delivery information here, and more information on our returns policy here.

Payments & Security

Do you accept PayPal as well as credit/debit cards?

Yes, we do. You can pay three ways: debit and credit cards, using PayPal or via a bank transfer. You'll be able to select the method you wish to use as you checkout.

How do I know my payments are secure?

We process payments through PayPal, or SagePay if you use a credit or debit card. Both adhere to strict online compliance regulations. Our site also has a valid Thawte SSL certificate, which protects your payments over the net. We don't see or store your credit card information and anything we do keep (such as your name and address) is stored safely and never shared with anyone.

Itchy Dog Issues

What do you recommend for an itchy dog?

Blimey! How long is a piece of string? First, you need to think about why your dog might be itching and scratching. Then we can work out what products will best suit your dog's itchy problem. Have a look at some of our help articles or contact us for a chat.

But essentially, if it's parasites use Skinny Dip Shampoo or an Ekoneem Shampoo Bar followed by Ekoneem Oil or Skinny Cream on the itchy patches to get rid of the little blighters, then start on the Billy No Mates immediately to prevent further infestations of fleas, ticks, mites, and mange.

If it's an airborne allergy like pollens or a grass allergy, try Proflax Skin & Coat as a way of strengthening your dog's immune system and Pet Head Pup Wipes to wipe down your dog after a walk, keeping pollens to a minimum.

Itching can be caused by anxiety or stress. For that we recommend Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian tablets. These can be taken alongside any medication your dog may be taking.

And for food allergies give them a dog treat made with a single ingredient, such as Soopa sweet PotatoSoopa Papaya, My Itchy Dog Duck and Neem treats, Feelwells Chicken strips, a Stag Bar or Wild Rabbit Ears.

How can I tell if my dog has mites or mange?

This article 'Does my dog have mites or mange?' talks about parasites commonly found on dogs will help you identify if it's a mite that's causing your dog's itching and scratching.

How can I tell if my dog has fleas?

Have a look at this short article on dog fleas. They're easy to spot and easy to get rid of using natural flea control.

Can I feed your products every day?

Yes you can. You may want to give the Billy No Mates a rest when it's very cold outside to stop resistance build up, and nearly all of our products, such as Proflax Skin and Coat are fine to take every day. You'll find all the information you need on individual product pages. If you have questions just email us.

Can I give supplements to my pregnant dog or cat?

It depends on the product you are thinking of but a lot of our products are fine to take when pregnant. Have a look at the main product page, we list whether or not it's safe there. If you're unsure though check with your vet or email us.

Can I give your supplements to my puppy or kitten?

Most supplements natural flea, tick and mite treatments and natural worming products can be given to your dog at three months of age, but check each product page for a definitive answer.

Can I give my dog several supplements in the same meal?

Yes you can, but when you start out you may want to introduce them in small amounts and build up slowly so your dog or cat can get used to the taste. Also, if you're trying to sort out one thing (eg. itchy skin) it's best to start off with one supplement at a time to see what works and what doesn't.

Will my dog take your supplements?

Yes, probably. Essentially, it depends on how fussy your dog is and what they're used to eating. Tips for introducing something new would be; start with small amounts and build up slowly, and use wet supplements where possible, soaked into dry food, or dry remedies mixed well into something wet, as texture is also key for turning us off our food!

Can I give my dog supplements while he or she is on medication from the vet?

Yes, you should be fine, but check with your vet if you're unsure. Some of our products can aid recovery from surgery or provide support while your pet is taking a short of long term medication, especially supporting the gut. Try Proflax Wellbeing and Vitality or Boost probiotic liquid.

Dogs and cats with hyperthyroidism, or on blood thinning medication, would want to stay away from anything containing a lot of iodine or B vitamins, so CSJ Seaweed and Parsley would be a good example, but always call us to check and read the product pages carefully.

My pet is on antibiotics and/or steroids prescribed by my vet, should I wait for the course to finish before using your products?

Nope, you should be fine. In fact, supplements like Proflax Wellbeing and Vitality, a cold pressed flaxseed with a blend of seven beneficial herbs will help your dog's gut and immune system improve so they will rub along nicely. Always check though if you're unsure.

Do your herbal flea and worming treatments really work?

Yes they do, and very well too! Billy No Mates and Verm-X have been tested extensively. They work by making your dog an unattractive prospect to parasites. I know that sounds cheesy, but they work to make your dog's skin and gut as hostile as possible in flea and worm terms so they don't want to take up residence. Your dog will have a healthier gut, shinier coat, and will scratch much less because of them.

How do I get rid of fleas and mites around the house?

Simple. If you have the critters in dog bedding, the carpets, or on your decking where the dog lies, you need to tackle that at the same time you treat the dog or you'll just be caught up in a vicious cycle. Read our article on how to get rid of fleas in the home in autumn (it works all year).  Essentially, use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) on floors, furniture, decking and patios. If you have fleas in one or two rooms use our natural flea fogger. Set it off, leave for ten minutes then it's safe for humans and pets to come back in the room. All our natural flea, tick and mite products are safe to use in the house or on your pets. Just read the instructions first. 

Are all of your products 100% natural?

Natural is such an overused word, but it's the best way to explain what we do. Essentially, we know where every treat and supplement is made, who it's made by, and what ingredients are contained in each product. We pride ourselves on stocking supplements that work and treats that shouldn't cause your dog any digestive strife. We work hard to make sure we publish full ingredient lists so you can choose the right product for your pet and eliminate those that won't work for you. So if that's natural, then yes we are, 100%.

What can you do for an itchy cat?

Cats are slightly more complicated but oddly easier to fix, in some ways. The problem is you mustn't apply essential oils to your cat's skin or fur as they lick it and essential oils can be toxic if ingested. You'd have to eat a lot but cats are super groomers. We stock Proflax for dogs and cats to improve skin and coat, Billy No Mates and kitty Verm-X for fleas and worms, Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian for anxiety (a big cat scratching problem) and you can use Ekoneem on your cat too, because it's a vegetable oil, not an essential oil.

Treats & Training

What treats do you recommend for my itchy dog?

All our treats are hypoallergenic, wheat gluten free and mostly grain free. If you want to search by meat dog treats, fish treats or vegetarian dog treats simply select a treat category. Down the left hand side of the page you will see all the various categories of treats we stock. Select by brand (eg. Feelwells), flavour (duck) or type of treat (training treats). All the ingredients and analyses are listed on each product's pages. Have a look at our range of treats and choose which one is going to be loved by your dog the best.

My dog has food allergies, can she eat your treats?

Absolutely. We list as much information as we can about each of our healthy dog treats; ingredients, analysis, size and benefits, so you can work out which treats are suitable for your dog. Many of our treats contain a single ingredient; rabbit, venison, duck, papaya or sweet potato dog treats, for instance.

We also stock treats which would be considered 'novel' proteins, meaning it's not a meat your dog is normally exposed to. These healthy dog treats are brilliant for dogs with food intolerances to chicken for example. Try boar, kangaroo, goat or ostrich for size.

Do you sell vegetarian treats?

Yes, we do. We have a section just for vegetarian treats, many of which are vegan too, like papaya, sweet potato or Peanut butter and banana.

You sell plenty of dog treats, why not dog food too?

We're simply not big enough to cope with selling dog food as well. Plus there's a lot of great dog food out there, in many different sizes and flavours, it would be hard to know where to start and we couldn’t ship it for the same rates as larger companies could.

Do you sell dog treats made in China?

No, no, no! Due to various dog treats produced in China resulting in many dogs becoming sick, mainly with a potentially fatal kidney disease known as Fanconi Syndrome, we don't sell them. For that same reason we don't sell any treats from the United States either as many of them are made in China too. As much as possible our treats are made in the UK by small producers. Any others are made in the EU. The same goes for all our supplements. 

General Questions

You hardly ever hold a sale. Why not?

We have special offers on the site whenever we can, but we're committed to selling our products at RRP as much as possible so that we can run a viable business and still be here next year. We also want to be able to do the same for the suppliers whose products we sell as they are mostly small, committed businesses like us.

Pet treats and supplements are not like clothes, they don't have the same margins, not by any stretch. Where you see '70% OFF' sales on the high street, the same couldn't apply to pet products, not in a million years. So we keep it as fair as we can. Where we can put a special offer on, we do. Equally, we don't hike up the costs to cover other expenses, like P&P.

I have 70 Loyalty Points, why can't I spend them?

You can only start spending your hard earned loyalty points once you have 100 of them, so you'll need to collect a few more.

I'm not sure what to order, can I speak to a human please?

Of course you can, we'd be more than happy to chat - just give us a call on 01903 256 373 or email us with your questions.

Why don't you sell more products and treats for cats?

We will be adding more products and treats as time goes on.