The Dog Diet by Kate Bendix - Paperback Book

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The Dog Diet by Kate Bendix - Paperback Book

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  • Find out what really goes into your dog's food
  • How what you feed them affects their health
  • What to feed your dog for better health
  • Full of information, packed with recipes

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The Dog Diet has whole chapters of information on what really goes into your dog's food and how it affects them physically; allergies, whiffy-ness, obesity, dental problems and all manor of jolly, and totally avoidable problems. I know it sounds like a right barrel of laughs but there is a lot of humour in the book, plus tips, happy stories and bags of useful information.

I hope you like it as much as the first one, Top Dog and the new one My Itchy Dog.  Both focus on the main reasons your dog will ever visit the vet and how to treat them naturally yourself.

Download for Kindle here and Nook etc here.

Why we feed our dogs the way we do  

Your dog lives, on average, to be 12 years old. You feed her twice a day. That's 8760 meals her lifetime. To avoid wasting money, and so as not to upset our dog’s digestion, once we find a food our dogs like, at a price we are happy to pay, 90% of it bought from the supermarket, we like to stick with it.

Somewhere along the line, it has become acceptable to feed our dogs the same meal, day in day out, for years. It’s then the pet  food marketers’ job to get us to deviate; to try and ensure that making sure as much money as possible goes into Pedigree's pocket (owned by Mars) opposed to Baker's (owned by Nestle).

The psychology around what makes us buy one packet of dog food over another,; and how we choose to feed our dogs throughout their lives, is quite complex. Feeding the dog triggers a powerful emotional and nurturing response in us. We want the best for them, of course we do. We want to get that happy wagging tail by the food bowl and feel we’ve done our job well. Marketers know this and use these responses and desires to stack the odds against us you.

So you we don’t choose what to feed your dog all on your lonesome. We have help! Sadly, what we told is often not what we actually sold. Put another way, the food you choose to feed your dog might not be as healthy as you have been led to believe it is. Words like ‘natural’ and ‘hypoallergenic’ are widely abused and can be misleading. Marketers know they need to get you early.

Research shows that once an owner commits to a pet food brand, they are likely to stick with it – through thick and thin, or should that be thin and thick? So new owners are particularly vulnerable. They Because you don’t have the first clue about what to feed a puppy when they get one, so they will probably go for a brand they’ve already heard of, or  for one recommended by their breeder and guess who provided that information?)

So you’ve got your favourite pet food brand, and you dutifully add it to your shopping trolley every week, safe in the knowledge that it’s come highly recommended, it’s always gone down well and certainly hasn’t caused any noticeable harm. But then you start to notice that your dog’s putting on weight, and has that unique doggy whiff about her, and you’re so confused you start in on the pet forums, seek help from the vet (who’s on a nice whack from a multinational like Mars) or other dog owners, and we always have an opinion.

All this just melts your brain. But don’t worry, Marketing Man is here to support you. In fact Marketing Man is ubiquitous and he’ll have you up and running on ‘the right thing’ in no time. Silly woman, (yes, it is more often than not women who buy the dog food, so the message is tailored especially for us). There, there, make us a cuppa while I slide a 12kg bag (with 2kg extra free!) of I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Dog Food (with added happiness) into your trolley.

One pet food consultant I spoke with says he feels very sorry for dog owners. Manufacturers know to play to our emotions and so very few foods have nutrition or our dogs at the core of what they do. ‘They don’t get me so easily’ I hear you shouting. Yeah? Then ask yourself these questions; : why do you buy the pet food and treats you do?; Of what benefit do you think they are to your dog?; Do you buy it for their health or for your convenience? Are you swayed by claims on; the packets such ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘natural or ‘grain free’?’ This doesn’t make you an idiot, it makes you a human being with a conscience and Marketing Man loves you for it.

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Great book
Monday, 19 June 2017  | 

Brilliant book. My dogs now have home cooked food & think they've gone to heaven! No more reluctant eating, no more waste & the difference in the amount coming out the other end is amazing. I have 3 large dogs - a Newfoundland & 2 x GSDs & am used to using a shovel to pick up, now a small bag is adequate. They don't drink so much either, which says a lot about how much salt was in their food. My only concern with the diet is how much of the supplements they need. Because they're 10 times larger than Nikita do they need 10 times the amounts ? Unfortunately the book doesn't really address this. Ultimately though, this book is well worth every penny.


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Tuesday, 25 April 2017  | 

As the title says really. I can't thank Kate and her book enough. We were having issues with our puppy's
digestion and stools so much so we really weren't enjoying the walks, which is what I was looking forward to the most. One quick tip from Kate and her stools improved quite literally overnight. We were speechless. Our pup hasn't looked back since. She's happier, and so are we. Thank you, Kate.

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The best
Wednesday, 14 September 2016  | 

I've just bought your book 'The Dog Diet' and it's probably the best £8.99 I've spent since I got my cute And precious Yorkshire Terrier Bobby 3 and half years ago.


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2 Kilos lost so far
Monday, 18 July 2016  | 

Vet was really pleased with her weight loss - 7th week on eating plan from Dog Diet - almost 2 kilos.


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Absolutely fantastic book
Wednesday, 6 July 2016  | 

I have just finished reading The Dog Diet, absolutely fantastic book - thank you so much. I have a keen interest in canine nutrition and embarked on home cooking for my 2 year old Belgian Shepherd about 10 weeks ago, following a consistent upset tummy that we would get settled and then it would all start again. Before going down the vet route of scans etc, I decided to go right back to basics and the results have been amazing. We are on week 10 now and I'm so impressed and happy with the results that I want to learn more and am gradually moving all of my dogs on to this home cooked diet. I'm inspired and keen to learn more to make sure I get it right, hence my purchase of The Dog Diet, and the tips and info in this book are invaluable. Thank you so much. Sally

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Thanks very much, Sally. Home cooking, raw feeding, whatever works for your dog will go a long way to clearing up long term health problems.

Great read
Thursday, 9 June 2016  | 

This book is great. I wish it had been about a couple of yearswhen I was trying to find out the cause of my dogs symptoms. Very insightful.

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Fabulously informative
Sunday, 6 March 2016  | 

At last a clear voice of reason amongst the babbling babel of dog diets.

Like most owners all I want is the very best nutrition for my dog and after a long, long road filled with allergies, acute itchy skin and pancreatitis and more visits to the vet then I care to remember the final word was for Archie, my Norfolk/Jack cross, to be on steroids for the rest of his life. He was only 3.

I simply refused to accept this and after much research I found a wonderful holistic vet who said before she started anything I was to get him off the kibble and onto a raw diet.

The effect of this new diet was almost miraculous and instantaneous. I can’t say that just the new diet sorted everything out but along with homeopathic treatment and wonderful supplements I found on MyItchyDog’s website Archie is now the picture of health and a bouncy 6 year old.

However, his tummy is his weak point and being a terrier gets his nose into God knows what and the results are explosions at the back end. When this happens I give him a bland diet of boiled turkey mince and rice and after 2 days all is well. However, when we go back to the usual raw diet he looks at me and I swear he says – “What? No home-cooked food??”

I remember my Mother always cooking for our dogs as I grew up. Great batches of boiled heart and green tripe and I so wanted to do this for Archie but was scared by all the mantra about not mixing raw with cooked.

Although a raw diet is, in my opinion fantastic, the advocates for it are every bit as evangelical as the Kibble camp.

I read the Dog Diet cover to cover and the next day fed Archie his usual raw breakfast and then for supper he had your Chicken and Vegetable stew. He couldn’t believe his luck and licked every morsel down.

Thank you Kate. You have confirmed what I had always hoped about a good, balanced and varied diet and you have given me the confidence and invaluable information to now follow this.
If only all vets could be made to read it!

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The Dog Diet
Saturday, 20 February 2016  | 

Brilliant! Every dog owner should have a copy of this book.

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At last!
Thursday, 14 January 2016  | 

At last!! Suggestions which are based on the love of dogs and not on making money for the dog food manufacturers.


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Some great recipes too
Thursday, 14 January 2016  | 

This book answered all the questions I had but have never asked. Some great recipes too. I love it.

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