6 Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

Over the centuries, wolves have fascinated us with their compelling charm and mysterious character. Whether depicted in fairy tales or portrayed in art and cinema, they have a prominent role in our cultural consciousness. Understandably, we frequently aspire to own a pet dog that bears a noticeable likeness to these awe-inspiring animals.

Scientists had managed to trace exactly when dogs became man’s best friend. Yes, some 100,000 years ago, the domestic dogs we know and love evolved from the grey wolf – otherwise known as Canis Lupus. 

It’s hard to imagine that the Pug or Chihuahua are distant relatives of these wild canines, but there are indeed some breeds that are still physically similar to the fearless and powerful wolf.

While it’s possible to find breeds closer to the real thing, they’re not recommended as pets. Some wolf hybrids can be problematic for a household and risk behavioural problems as they grow older. Simply put, it isn’t fair to keep them as regular pets.

Why not opt for one of these dog breeds that look like wolves? With their thick fur, captivating eyes and wolfish howls, these dog breeds look just like their legendary ancestors. But don’t be put off – they will also make great family pets and have the lovable demeanour of other domestic dogs.

This selection of wolf-like dog breeds are perfectly suited to active owners that love long walks and endless ball games – what’s not to love?

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Have you ever seen a dog that looks like a wolf with blue eyes? They are none other than the gorgeous Siberian Husky. Originally employed as a sled dog by the Chukchis of Siberia in the 19th century, they first arrived in Alaska in the early 20th century.

Of all the wolf-like dog breeds, the Husky is probably the easiest to recognise in the street. They have become much-loved companions and are typically athletic dogs that were bred for speed. While they may prove challenging for first-time dog owners, they are very sociable and intelligent.

Huskies are typically quite vocal and love a good howl. They are medium-sized with a double-layered coat that comes in all sorts of markings and colours and can weigh between 16-27 kg.

Alaskan Malamute

With its impressive stature, the Alaskan Malamute is a bit larger than the Siberian Husky but is most recognisable for its curled, fluffy tail. They are typically much furrier than a wolf and have a grey and white coat and brown markings around the head and tail. Reaching about 25 inches in height, they can weigh up to 35 kg as an adult.

Malamutes were traditionally used as a working sled dog by the Mahlemut Inuit tribe of Northern Alaska and were bred to pull heavy loads. Their strength and stamina must be maintained with plenty of training and exercise, but they are very affectionate and make a wonderful pet.

Tamaskan Dog

As far as dog breeds go, there aren’t many that look as wolflike as the Tamaskan. You might be surprised to find out that they are one hundred per cent dogs and have been bred specifically to preserve their physical wolf appearance. Don’t be fooled by their lupine looks – these dogs are loyal, intelligent and very affectionate.

The Tamaskan appeared in the 1980s after they were crossed with Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and German Shepherds. They are, however, typically stronger and larger than the Husky and can weigh between 24 and 39 kg.

Utonagan (Northern Inuit Dog)

Game of Thrones fans, listen up. Any lover of the HBO series will know that each of the Stark children was gifted a loyal Dire Wolf pup, and they were, in fact, portrayed by this particular breed.

The Northern Inuit looks almost exactly like a wolf, and despite their large and powerful demeanour, they are very friendly and intelligent. With their striking appearance and lovable personality, they are quickly gaining popularity as a veritable household pet.

Translating to ‘spirit of the wolf’ in Chinook Indian, they are a relatively new breed and were first developed in 1987.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most well-known dog breeds globally, and despite their black and golden brown fur, their pointed ears and face are incredibly wolf-like.

These noble and proud dogs make wonderful pets and have been used as working dogs throughout their history due to their height and strength. They can reach between 58-63cm in height, and typically they have a flat and course topcoat with a thick undercoat.

Swedish Vallhund

Curious to know about dogs that look like wolves but stay small? These dogs have the distinctive markings of a wolf but are much shorter and sturdier – with a body longer than it is tall.

It is believed that they are related to the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi due to their stature of between 30-34cm. They are keen watchdogs and have a waterproof coat similar to a wolf, along with instantly recognisable pointed ears.

Are you thinking of getting a dog that looks like a wolf? These powerful breeds will make wonderful companions with striking physical features that hark back to their wolf ancestry.

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