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Healthy Training Treats

Our healthy training treats are made especially for the continued well-being of your dog at a range of great prices.

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Dog Dental Treatments

Your dog's teeth are important, so give them a treat that'll keep their gnashers clean and their breath sweet and fresh.

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Dog Shampoo & Pet Wipes

Keep your pooch smelling fresh and clean while keeping mites and ticks at bay, with our range of all natural shampoos.

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Dog Toys & Accessories

A happy dog is a healthy dog, so why not treat them to a little extra playtime to reward their good behaviour.

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My Itchy Cat

We now stock a range of specially selected, all natural products that are purrrfect for your feline friends.

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Skin & Coat Treatments

Natural oils, gels, shampoos, powders and more, to keep your dog's precious skin and coat in perfect condition.

At My Itchy Dog we only stock the very best, all natural treats and treatments for your dog, and we'll always endeavour to bring you the latest products we find to add to our range at the very best prices. Why not see what else is new to the Itchy Dog catalogue?

The Innocent Hound

Welcome to My Itchy Dog! Natural organic treatments for dog fleas, itchy sensitive skin, pet anxiety, dog allergies, worms, mobility problems, and much more.

My Itchy Dog is the site for dogs suffering from itchy, sensitive skin and for the owners who love them. We specialise in effective natural treatments for itchy dog skin complaints, and we also stock an amazing range of natural, healthy dog treats and healthy dog food. We've even started to stock a range of products for itchy cats, too!

To establish the best treatment for your dog’s itchy skin, have a read of an article or two in our 'Why is my dog itching and scratching?' section, among others. You’ll find some really useful information about what causes itchy skin in dogs and our recommended solutions, from healthy dog treats to skin and coat treatments, and if you need any advice, you’re very welcome to contact us and we'll do all we can to help find the right product to suit your dog and their complaints.

Every product we stock has been used successfully by thousands of satisfied customers, including our own dogs, Bedlington terriers Ronnie and BB (Yumega, Resist), and our cats, Dave and Pearl (Billy No Mates, Homeopet Skin & Itch). We hope you enjoy shopping with us, and if you find our service to be as good as we think it is then please leave us a review so we know we're doing the very best we can.