A happy-looking doberman on a leash

What Is A Dog Safety Collar?

A dog safety collar is a specific collar engineered to protect your dog during emergencies. Commonly, these safety collars possess an integrated release function that enables your dog to escape if they become ensnared. The dog collar can also identify the dog if it gets lost. A dog safety collar is typically made from durable …

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A brown dog behind a chained gate

How Can I Get My Dog Back from Animal Control

Animal Control is a governmental agency committed to safeguarding both animals and the public. Its duties may include looking into cases of animal mistreatment, overseeing animal shelters, granting licenses to pet businesses, and disseminating information about proper animal care. Animal control officers also respond to calls about loose or dangerous animals. If you lose your …

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A happy dog walking under the sun with its owner

What Temperature Is It Safe To Walk Your Dog? A Guide for Pet Owners

Owners of dogs are frequently curious about what temperatures are safe to stroll with their fluffy companions. While taking your dog out for exercise and bathroom breaks is important, it’s equally crucial to ensure their safety and well-being. Walking your dog in extreme temperatures can be dangerous, and it’s essential to understand the risks involved. …

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Best Dog Gates

Of course, you want your dogs to be on your side most of the time. But, sometimes, you have to keep them away from some parts of your house for whatever reason you may have. The most effective way to prevent them from entering the restricted area is to install a dog gate. If you …

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Best Dog Ramp

Dog stairs and dog ramps are designed to assist your pets in reaching elevated areas such as the sofa or car. However, a dog ramp offers superior health benefits compared to stairs. Physical rehabilitation experts explain that the use of a dog ramp minimizes stress on your dog’s joints and spine. It also safeguards the …

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Is Peanut Butter Good for Dogs?

While it’s common knowledge that peanut butter is a dietary component meant for human consumption rather than for animals, there are still several pet owners who give it to their dogs. These owners have the misconception that the peanut butter will enhance their dog’s wellbeing or potentially extend its lifespan. Unfortunately, this is far from …

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