How to Look After Your Pet for Less

This is a comprehensive guide to keeping pet ownership costs affordable.

Diet, vets bills, insurance, how to get cheaper vaccinations etc., are all covered. Take a look and get some free advice. There’s not often you can say that about a visit with the vet!

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With the average annual cost of looking after a dog estimated to be around £1,000, you can’t afford to take a peek for some free top tips!

We stock Joe’s Vets Kitchen Active Sauces and highly recommend his Vets Kitchen food range. Each sauce is designed to target specific health issues, including joint stiffness and arthritis, itchy skin, dull coats and digestive problems.

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The active ingredients are all mixed up into a tasty naturally flavoured sauce, which in turn makes them extremely palatable and easy to administer to your dog.

So, if you’ve got a fussy eater who can spot a pill bottle at 50 paces, give Joe’s Active Sauces a try.

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