Best Time of Day to Take Your Dog for a Walk

Understanding the best time to walk your dog can be a complex task. Some folks prefer mornings because it offers more time to bond with their pets, while others may choose evenings to rejuvenate before the subsequent day’s job or school routine. Indeed, every option presents its own merits and demerits. If you’re contemplating when could be a more suitable time to take your dog out for a walk, let’s delve into some potential advantages and disadvantages of dog walking at different times during the day!

Morning Walks are Best for Those Who Want to Spend More Time with Their Pet

There are few studies on the benefits of taking your dog for a walk in the morning, but there is some evidence that it helps increase metabolism and reduce the chances of over-indulging in food and treats. A morning walk also has the advantage of allowing your pet to do their business before they’re allowed inside.

On the downside, some dogs might not appreciate being awakened early and will be less receptive to you once they’ve been awake for a while. If you have a dog with anxiety or fear issues, it’s probably best to go for a walk when they’re feeling more comfortable or confident.

Evening Walks Give You a Chance to Rest Up Before Work or School in the Morning

If you have a high-energy dog who is always running and jumping and barking at other dogs and people, an evening walk might be best for your pet because they will probably be worn out from having spent the day home alone with no one to play with.

An evening walk also means that your pet is most likely going to be tired when you get home from work or school; if you usually take the time to go through your training routine after coming home, this would probably be a good time for it because they are more likely to pay attention and behave. On the other hand, if your pup is ready to play as soon as you get home and isn’t interested in training or even walking, it might be best to put those plans on hold.

Morning Walks Have More Risks of Interactions with Unfamiliar Dogs and Other People

If you and your pet want to go for a walk when there’s less traffic on the streets, a morning walk might be ideal. That being said, it also means searching for a safe route through the neighbourhood and not running into any dogs or people you don’t know.

Evening Walks Mean More Traffic, Which May Be Riskier for Your Pet

Of course, a downside of going for a walk in the morning is that you might meet other people and their dogs who are out exercising. If your dog is anxious around strangers, a morning walk might be more stressful than an evening walk when there’s less traffic on the streets. Of course, if your pet loves to run up to every person they see, then it would probably be better to go for a walk when there’s more traffic.


In the end, it’s up to you and your pet what time of day they go out, but hopefully, this gives you some helpful insights about how each option can affect them.

The most important thing is that your dog gets enough exercise during the day so make sure you choose a time that’s best for both of you.

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