Billy No Mates Herbal Flea, Tick & Mite Repellent Review

Are you looking for a natural alternative to standard spot-on treatments? Consider trying out Billy No Mates! BNM works as an effective, all-natural deterrent for pests like fleas, ticks, and mites, perfect for both cats and dogs. It can be easily mixed into your pet’s food, or added to a tasty treat.

Billy No Mate is a natural product proven to be effective in repelling fleas, mites, and ticks. This natural flea treatment is formulated with mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves, and lemon balm and could be easily added to your dog’s food and drink (and even cat’s food!). Not only does Billy No Mates repel and eliminate pests, but it is also suitable for your pup’s skin and coat conditions.

A black dog with shiny coat

Billy No Mates is economical to use since dosages depend on your pet’s weight:

Daily Amount:

  • Toy breeds 1/4 scoop per day
  • Small dogs 1/2 scoop per day
  • Medium dogs one scoop per day
  • Large dogs two scoops per day

As we have mentioned earlier, Billy No Mates is all-natural with a mixture of natural herbs:


  • Mint
  • Seaweed 15%
  • Fenugreek
  • Neem
  • Lemon Balm


Aside from providing fresher breaths, mint can also aid in your dog’s digestion and could soothe their nausea and upset stomach. Studies have also shown that mint is a natural flea repellent when used and consumed in the right amount.

A Word of Caution

We understand that you want to eliminate fleas immediately which could lead to using this in large quantities. Be warned that though mint is beneficial, it could cause liver or kidney problems, diarrhoea or vomiting, and gastrointestinal distress when misused and in large amounts.

Peppermint planted on a ceramic planter


Seaweed has also been found to help aid a dog’s digestive sensitivity due to its fibre content. It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, and anti-rheumatic. Packed with prebiotics, seaweed also helps sustain good bacteria in your pup’s stomach. Seaweed also has iron, protein, magnesium, iodine, and Omega-3s.

Be Careful

If you’re taking your dog for a walk on the beach, be sure that they don’t ingest kelp that could expand in their stomach, which leads to intestinal blockages that could lead to diarrhoea and, worse, could be fatal.

a variety of dried seaweeds on top of a white table


Fenugreek is a unique herb in the same family as soy and is usually used as an ingredient in spice blends and as a flavouring agent in food and various beverages. It benefits dogs as it adds palatability to their food, which helps increase their appetite. For lactating dogs, fenugreek helps in milk production, which is beneficial to their puppies.


Neem oil is a natural compound extracted from the seeds of a neem tree. The most notable use of neem is as a pesticide that repels and kills pests. Because it is all-natural, it is safe to be used for your dogs. Aside from its healing powers, neem contributes to your pup’s healthy skin and coat condition. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that contribute to your pet’s overall health.

Not Fish-Friendly

Though neem oil is non-toxic to birds, mammals, bees, and plants, it should be used with caution when you have fish at home as it is moderately toxic for them.

neem oil with plant and fruit

Lemon Balm

As a member of the mint family, lemon balm is also considered a calming herb that eases stress and anxiety. It also promotes good sleep, improves appetite and reduces discomfort due to indigestion. Lemon balm naturally wards off respiratory infections and could also help if your dog suffers from respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. It is also a diuretic that helps in eliminating body fluids through urination.

Lemon balm is also used for healing wounds, cuts are suitable for coats, and can also help ward off insects.


Billy No Mates is economical and could be used for a long time when appropriately mixed.

Cost per day: 300g Pot for dogs weighing up to:

  • 10kg = 5.2p – one pot lasts up to 8 months
  • 20kg = 10.4p – one pot lasts up to 4 months
  • 30kg = 15.6p – one pot lasts just under 3 months
  • 40kg = 20.4p – one pot lasts just over 2 months
  • 50kg = 26p – one pot lasts just under 2 months

The iodine content of the Seaweed is 523mg per kg.

Important to Take Note

Billy No Mates takes a few weeks to get up to full strength in your dog’s system, so it won’t clear out any current flea infestation. If your dog has fleas, mites, or a tick problem, you can get rid of those immediately with our Skinny Dip shampoo and spray. Use the spray daily while the Billy takes effect or when there’s a horrible spate of harvest mites.

Skinny dip and spray will relieve itching, soothe the skin, get rid of bugs, keep them away and promote skin healing and hair regrowth.

Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks. We suggest Billy No Mates is used from Easter onwards to provide your pet a complete, natural cover.


Let’s all admit it: traditional spot-on treatments have been our go-to first aid treatment for our pet’s pests, and we would repeatedly buy and use it on them despite having chemicals that could potentially harm them. This review has learned an alternative, all-natural way of repelling ticks, mites, and fleas.

When appropriately used, Billy No Mates will save your pet’s life and life savings as it is economical. As we have listed, the ingredients are all-natural and have been proven to aid in most discomfort and help in giving good skin and coat conditions to your pup.

Make it a habit to pick natural mix for your pets as it is convenient and safe for their consumption. When mixed in dog food, only a tiny amount will give all the protection they need against insects and pests.