Does my dog have mites or mange?

35 CommentsMonday, 26 February 2018  |  Kate

While fleas and ticks are common, other parasites such as mites or mange could be what are causing your dog to itch. They live and breed on dogs' skin and some kinds can create severe problems for your dog if left untreated. There are several different types of mites and mange so it is important to be able to determine the difference. Finding the right cure for dog mange or mites is tricky as it's not as straightforward as spotting fleas.

Surface Mites

There are two main types of surface mites that can typically infest dogs which are Cheylettiella mites and Harvest mites. Cheylettiella mites live on the skin's surface where they cause itchiness. These mites are often referred to as 'walking dandruff' because they appear light in colour and are large enough to spot walking about. CSJ's Skinny Dip Shampoo is an effective, topical treatment you can use while bathing your dog. Spray daily with CSJ's Skinny Spray for extra insurance against mites. Both contain neem which kills all mites.


Demodex canis causes Demodectic Mange, and sarcoptes scabiei canis causes Sarcoptic Mange.

Demodectic Mange

When a dog is suffering from malnutrition or their immune system becomes impaired they can become susceptible to an overpopulation of demodex canis mites. These mites live in the hair follicles of almost all dogs and they aren't normally a problem as they eat dead hair and skin cells and don't require a dog mange treatment.

skinny shampooIf they become overpopulated however they can cause intensive hair loss and inflamed skin. This type of mange isn't contagious and usually doesn't cause intense itching. If you're after a good dog mange treatment regime to combat Demodectic mange, use CSJ's Skinny Shampoo and Skinny Spray.

If you think your dog's immune system is compromised an effective treatment that helps restore it is CSJ's Resist! a pure echinacea bland. Once their immune system is back in shape use CSJ's Billy No Mates herbal flea repellent to reduce the mite population back to its normal level over time. While there is no ultimate mange cure for dogs these products will see your dog back to health.

Sacoptic mange

This type of mange is highly contagious and intensely itchy, and it's particularly dangerous because dogs can cause themselves permanent skin damage from scratching and biting. The Sarcoptes Scabiei that cause this type of mange breed incredibly quickly and can cover your whole pet if they're left untreated. Before treating mange you should visit the vets with your dog so they can establish which kind of mange it is.

If your dog does have Sarcoptic mange then it will probably need veterinary treatment straightaway to cure the mange. Once the mange is taken care of then CSJ'sBilly No Mates is your best bet for preventing further outbreaks, it's a natural treatment rather than a chemical pesticide that is preferable in a dog mange treatment.

For both types of mange the or the Ekoneem Shampoo Bar will provide some relief and help to reduce itching as they contain neem and can help to cure dog mange. Organic neem oil contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties but does not contain any of irritants that are commonly found in most soap products like sodium lauryl sulphate.

Ear Mites

These mites live inside a dog's ear and cause itching, irritation and a dry crusty discharge along with frequent head shaking and ear scratching. Ear mites are contagious and can easily be transferred between dogs so if you have more than one dog it is likely that they will all need treatment. billy no mates

Products that contain colloidal silver work well to clean a dog's ears. Use a couple of drops of Lintbells Silvercare Ear Cleaning Drops in the ear and massage it in for about 30 seconds then stand well back while your dog shakes her head to loosen any wax and debris. Afterwards clean out the debris with Lintbells Silvercare Ear Cleaning Cloth

General First Aid and Relief from Itching and Scratching

Ekoneem Organic Neem Oil - is an excellent first aid for wounds, red sore spots and bites. Apply in-between toes, under the arms, on the belly and anywhere else needing attention but avoid the eyes and muzzle. The Ekoneem Shampoo Bar - Provides all over relief from itching skin, it's very gentle so you can use this one around the eyes and muzzle too.

Billy No Mates - Prevents ear mites in dogs and cats as well as fleas and ticks. Available as a dry herbal supplement or a liquid tincture. Billy No Mates is excellent if you're looking for a natural parasite repellent for fleas ticks and mites and want to give up spot-on treatments.

Yumega Itchy Dog - A natural blend of the finest omega 3 & 6 oils from cold pressed Golden Flax, Starflower and fresh Salmon oil. Perfect for dogs who suffer from spring and summer allergies – grass and pollen for example, or atopic allergies.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017  |  11:38

Can you suggest anything for ear mites. My neighbour has suggested getting in touch. Thank you... Carolyn

Wednesday, 26 July 2017  |  14:45

Hi Carolyn

Use our Silvercare Colloidal Silver Eardrops.


Sunday, 12 November 2017  |  15:34

Hi I have a Bichon she is six years old and will not stop itching until she bleeds she now has bald patches around the sides of her mouth due to scratching I feed her dry grain free food please help me!

Monday, 20 November 2017  |  11:44

Hi Dionne

It could be storage mites which get into food bins, especially dry food bins. I would buy much smaller bags of food and store them in their bag, sealed up. If you store the bag in a bin then make sure it's washed out thoroughly to get rid of them. Then I'd use our Ekoneem soap bar from My Itchy Dog, which is very gentle, around your dog's mouth and muzzle. This will kill any storage mites and relieve the itching.


Monday, 27 November 2017  |  10:35

Hi i have a 16 week old shih tzh puppy keeps itching her self .she hasnt got fleas what can it be

Tuesday, 28 November 2017  |  11:01

Could be stress if she's just moved from her mum. What are you feeding her, is she having her puppy vaccinations, and her flea and worming treatments?

Ron Friedl
Wednesday, 27 December 2017  |  14:30

my dog has these very small mites or maybe lice , they are are so small you can hardly see them , until they start sucking blood , they look kinda like a small crab. what are they?

Wednesday, 17 January 2018  |  11:01

Hi Ron

Could be ticks, or mites. Either way get a good shampoo like Skinny Shampoo from My Itchy Dog and give your dog a good wash. Leave on for ten mins then rinse. That will kill them. If you think it's a tick then you can only safely remove them with an O'Tom Tick Twister or a pair of fine nosed tweezers (not eyebrow tweezers).

Spray daily after that with Skinny Spray to keep them away. Wash all bedding too.


Thursday, 4 January 2018  |  22:19

My hl chinese crested has blackheads covering his whole body he's itchy and dry and has big spots which are not pussy ly jus under the skin around his neck
What do you recommend

Wednesday, 17 January 2018  |  10:54

Hi Jade

I recommend a visit to the vet to make sure there are no underlying problems. Then a visit to a specialist groomer who knows Chinese Cresteds.

I'd also put Proflax Skin & Coat superfood oil from My Itchy Dog on to his food every day. That will make a big difference to his skin, and I'd rub our Skinny Cream in once a day too.


Jade Ricketts
Tuesday, 9 January 2018  |  23:20

Hi my french bulldog has suface mures on his head and neck. How can i apply the shampoo without rinsing into his eyes (sounds silly i know but hes a fidgiter) also will it kill them. Thanks.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018  |  10:51

Hi Jade

Use our Ekoneem shampoo bar from My Itchy Dog. It's a very gentle shampoo you can use around the eyes and muzzle. That will kill the storage mites. Leave on for a few minutes and repeat over the next couple of days. Then use the Ekoneem bar as and when you need it.


Sunday, 25 February 2018  |  17:26

Ive been to the vets multiple times for my two puppies. Since they was 6 months they have really itchy and red ears and red skin under her body mainly between her legs and theyr constantly itching could this be mites? Ive bought shampoo but since theyre ears are red Im guessing its ears also

Monday, 26 February 2018  |  9:18

Hi Elisba

It could be ear mites, or it could be a yeast problem caused by diet. What are you feeding them including their treats?

For ear mites use colloidal silver ear drops from my itchy dog. For yeast use our Skinny Shampoo but really look at diet too. You want to give food and treats with a good meat or fish content, some carbs plus vegetables. Either call us or go to your local independent pet shop for advice. Kate

Monday, 5 March 2018  |  23:22

my little dog itchy all the time,she has a line down her back with no hair a sores...she short hair too when I brush her white in color will brush up so doze she have mites...thank you

Tuesday, 6 March 2018  |  10:51

Hi Tiny

She may have mites but I would have thought they'd be everywhere. Have you taken her to the vet? It could be also just dry, flaky skin.

Try giving her a bath in Skinny Shampoo from My Itchy Dog, and maybe add Proflax Skin & Coat to her food every day. That should sort out both the mites and the dry skin.

Saturday, 10 March 2018  |  20:24

I feed my dog kibbles and bits. Bathe her weekly. Give her fish oil. Brush her, flea comb her ( no fleas ) and she still has bitten the hair off her back and above her tail. I give her benedryl and use a benedryl stick on her but she won't stop biting. She's a Catahoula. Please help!!

Monday, 12 March 2018  |  12:05

Hi there

Please can you tell me what brands you feed your dog, including treats?

It could be mites, or mange, or a food problem. Let me know.


Saturday, 7 April 2018  |  0:14

I just got a 8 week old puppy and he has white flea like insects all over him hes been given flea and mite treatment twice by the vet and it doesnt seem to be working the poor dog is itching and crying every minute of the day and I feel helpless :( i flea comb him all the time and can get 30 at a time I wash his blanket every day and hoover the house like mad please help my dog is so miserable:(

Kate Bendix
Monday, 9 April 2018  |  14:02

Hi Rebecca

Sounds like your puppy as Cheyletiella mites which are also known as 'walking dandruff'. They're intensely itchy. Where did you get him from? He should never have come to you with them.

Go to the vet and get a treatment for it or use our My Itchy Dog Neem & Coconut shampoo to get rid of them.

I'd get him checked out anyway as he could be sicker because of the mites.

Saturday, 5 May 2018  |  1:35

Can humans get mite bites like flea bites

Monday, 4 June 2018  |  11:55

Hi Norma

Yes, you can get bitten but they won't set up home on you.

If you get bitten use My Itchy Kid neem cream from to clear the bites up and remove the itch immediately.


Saturday, 26 May 2018  |  10:26

My puppy was like itchy all the time. And part of between on his leg has a small red circles i dont know what's that but i feel so worried about him. Please give some good advice and what was the treatment for him. I feed him a pork liver, chicken liver or a chicken but without bones. I dont know if he had an allergy because everytime i feed him with chicken i don't see anything wrong on his body. But now i don't know what's going on him please help me

Monday, 4 June 2018  |  11:43

Hi April

It could be a fungal problem, ringworm, or just a sore patch from licking. Have you seen the vet? I'd ask them what they think.

If it's fungal, or just a sore patch you can use a neem cream like Ekoneem from My Itchy Dog, use twice a day for a few days and it will be gone.

Hollie Doddd
Monday, 4 June 2018  |  19:28

Hiya, I have a French bulldog who will be 5 next month. He is constantly itching and scratching him self go the point of making him self bleed. It started the other month when I noticed both of his side fur were thinning out and going bald. Took him to vets did bloods, scrapes etc all came back fine. He is getting worse itching wise hes not his normal self what so ever. Flea and wormed him 3 weeks ago but still no change. Please help getting really worried now

Tuesday, 5 June 2018  |  10:43

Hi Hollie

It's a common problem among Frenchies, sadly.

What are you feeding him? Try a food with less carbohydrate, always wipe him down after a walk to removed pollens, and try adding Proflax Skin & Coat to his food, fantastic for skin allergies and fighting seasonal conditions. Get it from


Joyce Howard
Friday, 17 August 2018  |  13:56

My tiny chi has hair loss been treated fordemodex mites still loseing fur and itchy no singns of a ything external but itchy

Tuesday, 21 August 2018  |  11:35

Mites can be hard to spot. Give your chi a wash in our gentle Ekoneem shampoo from My Itchy Dog. Leave it on for ten minutes and that should kill the mange mites and really stop the itching.


Sunday, 9 September 2018  |  10:21

My jackrussells skin keeps going a shade of pink her skin doesn't have any cuts or scabs or missing hair, she has for tablets every month from the vets and has wet and dry food at moment she is only on wet food to c if it is dry food. Sometimes feels very warm.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018  |  14:02

Hi Sarah

Could be yeast so you're right, cut out the dry food to see if that helps.

If it's warm it could be a hot spot.

Try our Skinny Cream from My Itchy Dog and rub in twice a day. That should sort it out.

Sharon Dudley
Thursday, 3 January 2019  |  20:24

hi i have a 4yr old Blue and Gold german shepherd his coat has never grown properly on the sides, he has adult hair down his back but no undercoat, and both sides have undercoat but no adult coat lately he has been going bald on the sides. a breeder friend of mine suggested it could be down to the blue genes, i have bathed him in oatmeal shampoo weekly is there anything i could do to help his coat growth as he scratches occasionally but nothing major

Maria Hayes
Tuesday, 30 April 2019  |  18:47

Hello my westie want stop itching she bites herself until she bleeds her hair has fall an out and her skin is crusty red and black what could it be please is it mange

Tuesday, 7 May 2019  |  11:21

Hi Maria

I'm so sorry to hear that. I'd suggest taking her to the vet, then come back to us when you've had her checked out. Our email address is


Gill Stephenson
Wednesday, 8 May 2019  |  0:01

My 7 year old Flatcoat has always had an itching and scratching problem. Shes been on Apoquel etc from the vets but nothing has helped. Her skin seems very dry and flaky, like dandruff, and Im sure that this is the cause of her scratching. Shes fed a raw diet, either goat or duck, and I add Yumega Itchy Dog oil daily. I did try your Proflax oil last year but she seemed to get itchier so I had to stop using it. She has never had fleas, and has no sign of them or mites etc, and has even been scraped for mites at the vets, which was negative. What can I do to moisturise her skin and stop it being so dry and flaky? Ive started to use an Oatmeal and colloidal shampoo, but would your Skinny cream help, and could I just rub it onto her skin? Not sure how that would work, but Id give it a good try! Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thursday, 9 May 2019  |  10:33

Hi Gill

Try adding oily fish to the diet and if the oils don't work and there are no parasites try Keepers Mix. If the dog smells yeasty then it's a gut issue and I'd add Tree Barks powder to the food instead of the Keepers Mix. For some immediate relief from the dry flaky skin, yes Skinny Cream would help to soothe and moisturise.