Why Do Dogs Love to Sleep Under Beds?

A black dog hiding under a sofa or bed

It’s widely acknowledged that dogs have a fondness for sleep. Generally, a dog will sleep for twelve to fourteen hours, irrespective of whether it’s day or night. You might observe that they have favored spots around your house for snoozing, with underneath the bed being a frequented choice for a comfortable retreat.

There are various reasons why your dog sleeps under the bed. Scientists believe that dogs like to sleep under beds because of the following reasons:


A dog sleeping under the bed may indicate that they feel safer. The enclosed space gives a dog a sense of a safe environment, which helps the dog fall asleep easily. Many dogs consider their owner a family member, and sleeping under the bed allows them to be close to their master.

Ideal Temperature for a Dog Sleep

Another theory is that dogs like to sleep under beds because it has the ideal temperature for their body. Sleeping under the bed will warm the dog when the weather is cold. Other dogs also find sleeping under the bed cool during the hot season.


A third theory is that dogs like to sleep under beds because it gives them a sense of security. Dogs are often found hiding or sleeping under beds when loud noises occur. Since the domesticated dog doesn’t have their pack animals with them, they would more likely seek contained spaces to shelter themselves from potential danger.

Although there are dog breeds known to protect, sheltered dogs are mostly afraid, even of the slightest chaotic noise and unfamiliar activities happening around them. In those events, a dog likes to burrow into a private space to feel secure.


It has long been a debate amongst dog owners as to why their furry friend likes to sleep under the bed. Some people believe it is because dogs feel sheltered and safe, while others believe it is simply because the floor is uncomfortable. However, a recent study by researchers at the University of California suggests that dogs sleep under beds because it is comfortable.

The study was conducted by observing how different breeds of dogs responded to being in an environment where they could choose between sleeping on a soft surface or a hard surface. It was found that most dogs chose to sleep on the soft surface, even in an open area. This suggests that dogs prefer sleeping on something soft and comfortable, which is why they often sleep under beds.

A sleepy Jack Russel under cover

The Importance of Knowing Your Dog’s Sleeping Behaviour

Most often, we think of dog sleep as a peaceful time of their rest. However, sleeping is not always an indication of calmness and healthy living. Pet owners need to be observant of their dog’s sleeping behaviour.

Dogs sleeping in peculiar places doesn’t automatically mean they have an illness. It could be about being in a comfortable spot or separation anxiety from their fur parent. But, if you notice your dog has signs of body aches and started sleeping in a small space that it does not usually do, it is best to get a vet visit to have your dog checked.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Sleeping Under the Bed

If, for any reason, it’s not safe or conducive for your dog to stay under the bed to sleep, you can try these methods:

Provide an Alternative Great Spot

There are several reasons why your dog may choose to sleep or hide under the bed. If you keep a close eye and find out why they choose the spot, create the same environment for their alternative sleeping area in your house.

Assure The Dog’s Safety

If the cause of your dog’s sleeping under the bed is fear and anxiety, you must eliminate threats causing them to hide away.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Does your dog love treats? You can use positive reinforcement by giving them a treat every time you call them out from under the bed. Once they grasp the concept, they will no longer stay where you don’t want them to be.

Remove Bed Access

Dog owners can use several products to prevent dogs from accessing certain areas in the house, including the bed and other furniture. You can try to use a pet gate, crate, cage, and bed blocker.

You can also try to fill your under-the-bed with stuff that leaves no space for your dog to stay in.

Dog on a sofa by the window

Take Your Dog to a Veterinarian

If you notice a sign of stress and pain when you take your pet out from under the bed, it is best to seek the vet’s advice as there may be other reasons for your dog’s behaviour.

So why do dogs love to sleep under beds? There are several possible reasons, including protection, warmth, and security.

Dogs love to sleep under beds because they feel safe and protected. This is a natural behaviour for dogs, and it is something that we should not discourage. We should, however, make sure that our dog has a comfortable bed of his own to sleep in so that he does not have to sleep under our bed all the time.