Home Remedies for Diarrhoea in Dogs

Anyone who has had a dog with diarrhea knows the inconvenience and frustration it creates for both the owner and the pet. Remember, there are a multitude of reasons why your canine friend might be dealing with this problem, and it’s not always requisite to hurriedly take them to the vet every time they have an indoor mishap.

You can do plenty of things at home to help ease your pup’s discomfort and get his digestive system back on track. Here is a list of remedies that should work for most dogs:

Clean Up Any Messes as Soon as They Happen, so They Don’t Dry Out

The first thing you want to do if your dog has diarrhoea is clean up any messes as soon as they happen so they don’t dry out. Not only will the mess be complicated to clean, but it will also attract flies and can lead to a bacterial infection.

Provide Fresh Water at All Times

No matter what kind of diarrhoea, it is still important that your pet has plenty of freshwaters. Dogs need to have at least one cup of water every day. If you know that your pet has no diarrhoea, you might want to increase the amount because it will help them stay hydrated throughout the day. There are some cheaper options for water, but be aware that if the water contains any chemicals or weird additives, this could be problematic for your canine companion.

Add a Little Plain Canned Pumpkin to His Dood

Try a little plain canned pumpkin. Added to your dog’s food, this is a safe alternative for when your dog is experiencing runny stools. Plain canned pumpkins will add moisture to the stools and decrease the chances of diarrhoea.

Provide Him with a Small Amount of Cooked White Rice and Boiled Chicken

If your dog has diarrhoea, they must be fed a bland diet with soothing foods. The best way to do this is to cook white rice and boiled chicken. If your dog cannot keep the food down, it needs to see a vet as soon as possible.

Feed Him Small Amounts of Bland, High-Fiber Foods

One of the more common ways to manage your dog’s diarrhoea is by feeding them bland, high-fibre foods. This helps provide a rich in nutrients and low in fat, sugar, and calories.

Supplement Dog’s Diet with Probiotics or Yogurt Containing Live Cultures

Supplementing your dog’s diet with probiotics or yoghurt containing live cultures can help regulate digestion, balance the immune system, and relieve some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Give Him a Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural remedy for diarrhoea in dogs. The ethereal oil contains high levels of oleic acid, which is known to help with such stomach problems as indigestion and constipation. Give your dog a tablespoonful daily to help him recover faster from this intestinal disorder.

Add a Little Bit of Half and Half or Low-Fat Milk to His Food

Adding milk to food can be a useful remedy for the discomfort of diarrhoea. It will help slow down the rate of bowel transit while increasing dietary fluid intake.

Give Your Dog Some Clear Broth

A dog who has recently had diarrhoea can be given some clear broth, like bouillon without MSG. A dog will eventually stop having diarrhoea after the symptoms subside. To make broth, place some vegetables and meat in a pot with water on the stove, boil for thirty minutes, and then strain before giving it to your pet.

Add a Little Bit of Lean Ground Beef to His Food

If your dog has diarrhoea, adding a little bit of lean ground beef to his food can help. This is more of a staple in the diet than a supplement, and it will not worsen the symptoms. The best thing you can do is try one of these fifteen home remedies that are not only easy but also safe!

Mix Plain Canned Pumpkin with Regular Food at Each Meal

One way to relieve diarrhoea in dogs is by mixing plain canned pumpkins with their regular food. This suppresses the intestinal contractions so the dog will have softer stools that won’t irritate their gut much.

What are the benefits of giving my dog a canned pumpkin?

Canned pumpkin is known to help with such stomach problems as indigestion and constipation. It’s also an option for when your dog has diarrhoea due to an intestinal tract infection. If your pet can’t keep the food down, they need to see a vet!

Feeding canned pumpkins in conjunction with regular food may help prevent bowel movements from becoming too firm or infrequent.

Will my dog’s diarrhoea go away on its own?

The answer to how long it lasts depends on whether other factors are involved, like whether the dog is given diarrhoea medication—usually two to three days at the most for just one cause.

Why does my pet have diarrhoea so often, even after changing his diet?

Sometimes dietary changes don’t always keep diarrhoea at bay. Therefore, if your pup is also diagnosed with intestinal parasites such as giardia or roundworms, it’s time to call the vet and get a prescription.

Is it safe for me to give him some olive oil daily to relieve diarrhoea?

The oil should be unrefined and cold-pressed, preferred for human consumption. Diarrhoea often decreases when the pet’s diet contains more dietary fats.


Home remedies for diarrhoea in dogs can be challenging when you’re unsure what to do. Fortunately, there are many different ways that you can manage your dog’s diarrhoea through diet and other home remedies. It is important to note that some of these methods may work better than others, depending on the cause of the problem.

If your pet has a particular condition like intestinal parasites or giardia, they will need medication from a vet. We hope this article was helpful, and we wish you luck!

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