How Detoxing Can Help Your Dog Get Rid of that Itch

Should your pet dog persistently itch and scratch, three primary factors can play a significant part in identifying and eradicating problematic allergens. To keep your dog from scratching and ensure your home stays allergen-free, keep reading.

Detoxing the Dog

Keeping their immune system in good shape gives them the best chance of fighting whatever comes their way.

  • Regular exercise gets everything moving, improves circulation, and improves the immune system.

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  • A healthy diet is essential to ward off allergies. Feed the best quality food you can, the same goes for treats.
  • Supplements can help especially for dogs suffering from seasonal or airbourne allergies. Try adding Yumega Plus to their diet, it’s an omega oil blend specifically for itchy and sensitive skin that can help stop dogs itching and scratching. Allergy-X biscuits from Verm-X help allergic reactions affecting the skin.
  • Natural flea and worming products improve gut health, making your dog highly unattractive to parasites both internally and externally even if they come into contact with other dogs itching and scratching. Billy No Mates and Verm-X work brilliantly for parasites.
  • Ekoneem Natural Parasite Repellent Recipe
    Here’s a natural recipe for killing parasites on your pet using the tried and tested Ekoneem Fly Repellent Recipe. Protection for your itching and scratching dog or horse or any animal from flies, midges, mosquitoes, and all manner of other insects. Also works on patios, decking and around skirtings and edgings. Makes 500ml.
    1. Melt a pot of Ekoneem oil in tepid water until it becomes liquid.
    2. Add 1x5ml teaspoon of Ekoneem oil to a 500ml (1/2 litre) of warm water with a squirt of washing up liquid.
    3. Shake or stir vigorously.
    4. Apply with a clean plant spray bottle.

Note: Ekoneem oil deteriorates in water after 24 hours therefore only make the amount needed for each application.

Detox the House

If you’ve never detoxed your house before essentially it’s about having a big old clean-up, and then keeping on top of it.

  • The Dog’s Den – Make sure your dog has a calm bit of space to call its own.
  • Get a Machine Washable Bed – Regularly hose it down or stick it in the machine to get rid of any allergens. Add a machine washable mat or blanket to a waterproof bed and they’re all snugly.

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  • Neem Is a Dream – CSJ makes an excellent spray called Skinny Spray containing neem oil, a powerful parasite repellent plus essential oils. It will help repel fleas, ticks, mites, mange, and lice making your dog bed a no-go area.
  • Lose the Air Fresheners – They’re only masking smells and contain proven allergens such as limonene. Timed-release air fresheners are the worst! The same goes for fabric and carpet fresheners too.
  • Make an Enemy of Dust – Dust regularly with a damp cloth. That way you’re not just sending it up into the air, you’re wiping it away. Remember to dust the furniture, blinds, books, and toys too.
  • Mould, Mould Go Away – Mould can cause respiratory problems for pets as well as humans but it comes out in pets through their skin resulting in an itching and scratching dog. Clean up the mould using a mould and mildew remover.
  • Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner – I’ve got a Dyson fitted with a HEPA filter and a small turbo brush I use just for the sofa. Good for getting rid of unwanted pet hair too so your visitors don’t leave with half a cat on their coats! For hardwood floors, a floor steamer is a popular choice among dog owners who don’t want to use harsh cleaning products.
  • Keep It Fresh – Buy smaller amounts of food to have a fast turnover, that way you deter storage mites. If you have the time and inclination, feed fresh food. Always keep the water fresh too.
  • Dust Mites Can Live Anywhere – Sadly, just cleaning the carpets isn’t enough. Where there’s dust, there are mites so make sure to get into all the nooks and crevices.
  • Wash Cushions and Blankets – Stick machine washable cushions in with the sheets along with any blanket you curl up on the sofa with.
  • Parasites Were There First – If you suspect fleas may be lurking get a spray from your vet, Indorex is good or use the Ekoneem recipe above. Spray the house and leave it alone for a few hours.
  • In the garden – Use fertilisers or lawn treatments labelled as safe for pets.

Detox Your Walks

Another good way to alleviate your dog’s itching and scratching; you can help your dog fight off what’s out there.

  • Suited and booted – T-shirts and Boots that are made for dogs will help stop them from picking up allergens from pollen and grass. Pawz from Collarways is small rubber boots that fit over their paws. Stopping allergies before they start is the best way to avoid dog’s itching and scratching.
  • Spray and go! – Use Skinny Spray to spray your dog’s coat before you leave the house and they shouldn’t pick up any parasites
  • Coming home – When you get home wipe them down with a damp cloth making sure to get in between their paws too. This will help get rid of any pollens or allergens they came into contact with within the woods.

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