How to Keep Your Pet Entertained While You’re Away

A lot of individuals frequently worry about the potential effects of leaving their pets alone at home. This worry is rooted in the idea that their pets might feel abandoned or confused without their human friends around. Fortunately, animals have a remarkable intellect and frequently demonstrate an ability to entertain themselves quite effectively, sometimes even better than humans. There are numerous strategies to keep your pet happy and engaged when you’re not around.

Playtime with Toys

Toys come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that your pet enjoys playing with. Not all pets like playing with toys or even chewing on them- each pet is unique in how they enjoy spending their time. Some pets might prefer to play with certain balls, others may want to sit and chew on rawhide bones, and others may still choose not to play! The critical thing here is that you should ensure that you provide your pet with a nice variety of toys.


Treats are always a great way for animals to entertain themselves. While some people choose to give their pets a tasty treat whenever they come home from work, others carry around treats with them and only reward the pet when it does something good during the day. When you leave for your trip, make sure that there are plenty of treats leftover so that your pet will have incentives to play and be happy!


Pets need regular exercise to stay healthy and feel their best. If you find encouraging your pet to play outside challenging, try getting them a new toy specifically designed for running around and chasing after. These can often be found in the pet toy aisle of your local department store, and most pets will love playing with them.


Just like humans, dogs also need snacks to remain happy and healthy! If you feel comfortable with it, try giving your pet a snack while you’re gone so they can keep their stomach full. This will not only keep them from getting hungry but also allow them to relax and not be so nervous. Give your pup a toy stuffed with treats, or give it a rawhide bone while you’re away, and they will thank you for it.

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Pets love spending time with their owners. If one or both of you work long hours, your pet might miss its favourite person while you’re gone. Make sure your pet is getting plenty of attention through petting, grooming, and play so that it feels safe and happy while you’re away.

Even if you have a pet that doesn’t seem to enjoy being touched or held, they still appreciate the time you spend with them and will be happy while you’re gone as long as they know you’ll be back soon.


Many pets become stressed, depressed, or even destructive if they don’t feel safe in their homes. Suppose your pet seems to cry a lot during the night when away from home; it might suffer separation anxiety. Many dogs who suffer from this will dig, chew, or scratch at the floor. If you notice any of these behaviours when you come home or in the morning when you wake up, then something is wrong! Try giving your pet a new toy they can play with while you are gone to keep them distracted and out of trouble.


Dogs love to be loved just as much as humans do. If your dog doesn’t get the attention it needs when you’re away, it will miss your presence. Try to make time in your schedule for lots of cuddles and play with your furry friend when you are at home so that they know how much they are loved!


If your pet follows you around all day long, then it might become stressed when you leave. Try to give your canine pal some space of its own at home so that it doesn’t get too worked up or anxious. This can help them relax and even take naps while you’re gone, which will keep them happy and healthy!


Pets love attention from humans, so if you spend time with them and pet them lovingly when you are home, they will miss that while you’re gone. Some pets need more than others, so be sure to keep an eye on your furry friend and give it extra cuddles when you get the chance!

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If your pet doesn’t get enough food while you are gone, it can upset them. Try filling their food bowl to the top before you leave for the day so they always have something yummy to munch on when you’re not around!


If your pet becomes sick, throws up, experiences diarrhoea, or has a fever, it might cry or whine when you are gone. If your pet is ill, it’s best to keep them at home where they will be safe and cared for instead of staying out all day so you can play with your furry friend!


Dogs experience some anxiety just like humans do. If your pooch is very anxious, it might start crying or barking when you are gone because it misses you so much. Sometimes your dog can even become so stressed out that they begin to experience separation anxiety which causes them to panic and whine nonstop until you come home!


If your pet is not getting enough mental and physical activity, it might get bored when you are gone. Try taking your dog for a walk around the block before you leave so they have something to keep them busy all day!


If your pet is suffering from pain, it might be whiny or cry when you are gone. To avoid this behaviour, ensure your pet always has enough food and water while you’re gone, and bring them to the vet for a regular checkup.

Medical Conditions

If your dog is experiencing any medical condition, it might start crying when you are gone because it’s in pain or doesn’t feel well. Your pet should always have access to fresh water and food while you’re gone, but if that isn’t enough to make them happy, then it’s best to take them to the vet for a checkup! –


If your pet has just returned from a long walk or activity and you leave again without giving him time to rest, he might get upset. Try letting your dog rest for a few minutes before you leave so that he isn’t exhausted when it’s time for you to go!

Separation Anxiety

If your dog gets stressed out and anxious whenever you leave, it might start whimpering or crying. Many different things can cause this type of anxiety, but the most common reason is that your pet is not getting the attention or exercise it needs while you’re gone.


If your dog is a foodie, he might whine when you leave because he knows no one at home to give him his dinner or treats! This will often continue until someone comes back in the house because the thought of going hours without any food may be too stressful for some dogs. Try putting their food away in a cabinet instead of leaving it out on the counter or floor where they can reach it.


Pet owners need to remember that their dogs can be just as entertained and happy when alone at home. Dogs often get bored, but keeping them occupied with toys or even some extra treats before you leave is easy. For pets who suffer from separation anxiety, try spending time with him beforehand – give him lots of love and affection to calm any nerves about being alone again.

In the end, there are many things that you can do as a pet owner to ensure that your pup stays contented when you’re away.