The Japanese Spitz – Perfect for the Family

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect canine companion for your family, consider the Japanese Spitz. These dogs encapsulate vitality and charm, making them a delightful addition to any home! With a range of color patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly aligns with your preferences. Whether you’re into strenuous outdoor activities or enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle at home, the Japanese Spitz could be just what your family needs.

Types of Japanese Spitz

The following types of Spitz are most common: large, medium, and Toy. Each one is a good fit for a different family!

Large Japanese Spitz

Size: Males 52 – 60 cm (20.5-23.5in), Females 49 – 56 cm (19-22in).

The giant Japanese Spitz is perfect for a family with older children. These dogs are energetic, too. But they will happily sit down with you to watch a movie or curl up on your lap while you read a book! The larger size also means that they are good at taking care of their own business in the yard. They don’t require a big yard, but they do need space to run.

Medium Japanese Spitz

Size: Males 45 – 50cm (17.5-19.5in), Females 42 – 48 cm (16.5-18.9 in).

Just like the large size spitz, the medium one is perfect for families with older children. They’re still energetic, but they don’t require as much space to run around. This would be a great option if you have a smaller yard or live in a flat! They are also good at taking care of their own business and don’t tend to destroy things while they do so.

Toy Japanese Spitz

Size: Males 30 – 38 cm (11.8-14.9 in), Females 28 – 36 cm (11-14.2in).

The smallest Japanese Spitz is perfect for families with minor children or those who live in small flats or houses! These dogs are friendly and cuddly, but they love to play outdoors. They need a yard to run around and play, so this might not be an option for small townhouses. They are also a little harder to train since they’re smaller in size!

Japanese Spitz Colours

As well as their sizes, there is a range of colours available when it comes to Japanese Spitz. The most common colour is white, with tan/red markings on the top of their heads, ears and tails. They usually have three colours on their coats; black, red or tan. However, there are also tannish-brown or cream colours available.

What’s So Great About A Japanese Spitz?

These dogs are laid back with families! They enjoy life at home with a cosy fire, a comfortable bed and plenty of loving. But they also enjoy going for walks or playing in the yard! They’ll happily run around with your kids for hours on end.

The Japanese Spitz is perfect for families since they are friendly, energetic and love to play with children! These dogs are great at taking care of their own business and don’t require a big yard. But they do need space to play! They are also happy to sit on your lap or curl up next to you while you watch a movie!

The Japanese Spitz is perfect for any family with an active lifestyle. These dogs are energetic, and friendly and love spending time outdoors. If this sounds like the dog for your family, contact a Japanese Spitz breeder today.

Best Age for a Japanese Spitz?

The best age for a Japanese Spitz is anywhere from 3-10 years old.

This type of dog has such a long lifespan because they maintain their youthful qualities for much longer! You can enjoy these pets for 10+ years with no signs of ageing. The breed is less likely to develop health problems due to the longevity of its youth. However, please note that Spitz can live on average up until 15 years old.

How many pounds does a Japanese Spitz grow to be?

A Japanese Spitz will grow anywhere from 8-20 pounds.

How long does a Japanese Spitz live on average?

The average lifespan of a Japanese Spitz is between 10 and 15 years.

They maintain their youthful qualities until the end, which means you can enjoy them through your teen years and on to middle age! These animals are also less likely to develop any serious health problems or genetic issues.

What kind of energy level do they have?

Japanese Spitz are full of energy! They love to run around and play, especially with children. If you’re looking for something to get out some of their excess energy, then this breed would be perfect!

Are they suitable for apartment living?

The Japanese Spitz is not the best choice if you live in an apartment. They require plenty of space to run around and play, so you’ll need a yard or at least a park nearby. Without the right amount of exercise, they can become bored and destructive.

What is their personality?

While Japanese Spitz is playful dogs, they also love being around people! They will happily curl up on the sofa with you or play with the kids. They are also protective of their family, so they’re excellent watchdogs!

How long do Japanese Spitz take to train?

Japanese Spitz is not the easiest dog to train. For example, these animals can be hard to housetrain since they don’t like relieving themselves indoors! However, it is possible to train them so they can go outside or even on a pad! Patience and consistency are essential when you’re training Japanese Spitz.

What is the socialization period for these dogs?

The socialization period of Japanese Spitz typically lasts between three and eight months.

During this time, you must introduce them to a range of different places and experiences. This will help them become more confident in unfamiliar situations, so they’re not afraid when strangers come to visit!

How much do Japanese Spitz shed?

The average amount of fur a Japanese Spitz sheds varies from dog to dog. They can have a soft undercoat or a thick outer coat, so you need to be prepared for what comes with each one! The best way to deal with shedding is to brush their coats regularly, which will reduce the amount of fur they drop around your home.

Do Japanese Spitz bark a lot?

Japanese Spitz is not known for being overly vocal dogs. However, if they do become concerned about something, they will bark to get attention.

How much exercise does a Japanese Spitz need?

The average amount of exercise a Japanese Spitz needs is around an hour each day or more if you want them to lose weight.

These animals are very energetic and love spending time outside, so make sure you go on plenty of walks together! It would help if you also considered getting them a small to medium-sized dog breed so they can run around outside to play fetch.

Is the Japanese Spitz hypoallergenic?

The Japanese Spitz is not hypoallergenic, meaning it will shed some fur and can cause allergies. However, those who are less sensitive to the dog’s allergens may be suitable for their homes.


The Japanese Spitz is a great breed for anyone looking to adopt. These dogs are playful, friendly and happy to be around people of all ages! They’re also protective animals that will keep you safe at home or on walks outside. The only issue with the Japanese Spitz is that they require plenty of exercises each day to not become destructive indoors without anything else to do.

If your family struggles with this, it may be best to look into other more active breeds like Labradors, who love running laps around the yard or playing fetch. Regardless of what type of dog you decide to adopt, make sure everyone involved understands their responsibilities as an animal owner, including feeding them regularly and giving them enough time outside every day.

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