Keeping Your Dog Safe On Summer Road Trips

Going on a summer road journey with your furry friend can be a delightful adventure. However, it’s crucial to have all essential items on hand for your dog’s safety while you’re on the move and discovering brand new locales. Take a look at these recommendations to guarantee your dog’s well-being during your summer travels!

Choose a Safe Pet Carrier

If you plan on using a carrier to keep your dog safe in the car, then make sure that it has been crash-tested and approved by an independent third party. The most crucial factor with a carrier is protection from flying through the windshield during accidents. Look for carriers with canopy tops and quick-release clips.

Choose a Safe Seatbelt

Never use a standard seat belt to restrain your dog in the car, especially if he is likely to roam around or get into mischief while driving. Look for unique pet seat belts that incorporate adjustable straps and reinforced stitching so they can secure smaller dogs safely. Dog seat belts should be used only when the car is not moving.

Wear a Dog Vest

Your dog should have his special seat on the passenger seat, with the seat belt harness fitted adequately to him. If your pup becomes tired during the trip, he can rest his head or lie down on the seat without disrupting anyone in the car. Never allow your dog to roam around your car while you are driving. If he becomes excited, he could use his body to break the window or even get in the driver’s way.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Make sure you always have fresh water for your dog whenever you stop on long road trips so that he can stay hydrated and refreshed, especially if it is hot outside. You can also use a bowl with an attached lid to help control spills and ensure your dog never runs out of water.

Bring A Portable Bowl

Always pack at least two portable, collapsible bowls that are lightweight enough for you to carry easily when they aren’t needed. Pack one for food and one for water in the car, but leave a dish at your destination if you are away longer than planned.

Pack An Extra Leash And Collar

You’ll need to ensure that your dog is wearing his collar with identification tags when you go on the road trip. Always pack an extra leash and collar so you can change them if one gets dirty or ruined.

Pack A First Aid Kit For Your Dog

A first aid kit for your dog is a must-have when you go on any road trip with him. Pack water, bandages, and disinfectant wipes to help keep your pup clean and healthy while travelling. Ensure you check the first aid kit’s contents regularly to ensure all the supplies are in good condition.

Pack A Spare Set Of Dog Tags

Always carry a spare set of your dog’s tags in case he loses his collar and tags when you’re on a road trip or an outing with him. It’s also good to carry a spare set of tags for each new destination you visit with your dog, so he always has some form of identification. Having an extra set of tags can make the difference if anything happens to him on the trip.

Keep Your Dog Comfortably Cool

Dogs can get overheated on warm days even when they are safely inside an air-conditioned car. Never leave your dog in a hot car for any length of time, and always make sure he has a shady place to rest when you get out at the beach or park.

Seek Shelter When It Rains

If you know that it will rain on your road trip, make sure your pup is wearing the proper rain gear before you set out. There are now special waterproof, reflective vests designed specifically for dogs, protecting them from the sun and keeping them cool on hot days.

Avoid Sticky Situations

Never leave chewing gum or candy wrappers anywhere within reach of your dog’s teeth during road trips. You should also never give your dog any food or drink that is not in a secure container because it could spill.

Ensure A Safe Stop

Ensure your pup is on his leash when you get out of the car at rest stops or other roadside attractions, but always keep him in sight while getting water or letting him go to the bathroom. Make sure he cannot get loose before leaving the car, and if the facility has a “doggy bag dispenser,” use it so your dog won’t eat anything that might make him sick.

Make sure your pup is always wearing identification tags when you go on road trips.

Keep The Interior Of Your Car Clean

Always clean up any messes in your car after they happen, and never feed your dog in the car because he could get sick without warning. Make sure to look under the seats for things that may have fallen before going on road trips with your pup.

Never Leave Your Dog Alone In A Hot Car

Even with the windows down, leaving your dog in a hot car for just 10 minutes can lead to heat stroke and severe health problems, so make sure you always leave him at home or take him with you when running errands during the summer months. Always bring cool water for your dog when you take him into a warm and humid store, especially during the summer months.

Pack sunscreen for your dog if you plan on going to a place where he hasn’t been before. Even if he has a light-coloured coat, his nose can get sunburned quickly! Keep his delicate skin protected from harsh rays by applying sunscreen to his nose.


Packing for a road trip with your pup is essential to ensure he’s safe and comfortable. If you want to make sure that your dog travels well, follow this checklist! These simple tips should help keep your furry friend happy while travelling with you all summer long!

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