Will My Dog Think I Abandoned Him When I Go on Holiday?

Several dog owners often worry that their pets might experience a sense of abandonment when they go on vacation.

This is a valid concern, but there are many ways to try and reduce the risk of this happening. The key is to make sure that your pup has been getting enough attention before you depart for at least a week or two before you leave. This will ensure that he won’t be left in an unfamiliar home with no one around who can comfort him if he gets anxious or lonely while his owner is away.

Another option would be setting up a doggy daycare where your pup will get plenty of playtime with other dogs and humans throughout the day! And don’t forget to arrange for someone else in your family – like a spouse, significant other, sibling, or friend – to come to your home and play with him a few times before you leave. This will give the pup a chance to explore a new person’s scent in his house, which can help ease any anxiety he might have about you being gone. It also gives them someone new to bond with while they are away from you.

Oh, and don’t forget to leave your pup an excellent care package before you go! Make him some pre-made meals so he doesn’t have to resort to eating table scraps while you are gone. You can also leave him with plenty of toys and treats, so he has something new to play with and eat while you are gone. Leaving chew toys for dogs is also a great way to keep them entertained!

Reward his good behaviour by giving him some extra tasty treats when he gets home from daycare, too! Your dog will want to behave so that you keep giving him these yummy rewards when you return.

Okay, so you have been able to keep the house, and your dog smells familiar before you go on vacation. What else can we do to make sure your pup is not feeling abandoned?

Another option is to hire a house sitter or pet sitter! If this isn’t an option for you, make sure that whoever watches or feeds your dog knows exactly what to do. Draw them a map of where you keep the dog’s food and water bowls, as well as their favourite toys!

Ensure that your dog walker knows how much exercise he needs each day and when his potty breaks are. You can also leave a toy or treat-filled Kongs for your pup to keep him busy while he is alone.

Okay, so you have been taking good care of the house and your pup before you leave. You’ve also got a plan in place with a friend or family member to stop by and give your dog some love while you are away. The next question is: what should I do to help my dog feel as comfortable as possible while I am out of town?

First, make sure your pup is up-to-date on all vaccines and has had a physical with his veterinarian before you depart. This will ensure that your pup is healthy and not at risk of catching a disease while away from home. However, if your dog does get sick, you want to ensure that he gets the proper treatment and is as comfortable as possible.

You can find a veterinarian who offers house or pet call services, which would be great if your vet isn’t available on short notice. That way, they can come to your pup instead of him having to go out into a crowded waiting room. If you need to take your dog in, make sure that your vet’s office offers boarding services.

If your pup does get sick and needs extra care while you are gone, you want to make sure he doesn’t feel abandoned. Remember to call and check in on him often! It also helps if the person watching him knows a little about dogs and how to read their behaviour. You can even ask them to send you updates throughout the day so that you feel more comfortable about being away from your pup.

Having a dog is a lot of work, but it’s also enjoyable! Hopefully, these tips will help ease any anxiety the dog might have while you are on vacation!

Additional Information

Dogs and cats can get anxious when their owners leave for an extended period. Leaving without notice, not giving the animal adequate attention and playtime, and allowing them to become invisible in their daily routines can all contribute to separation anxiety. You can help reduce your pup’s fears with some proper training and a few valuable items.

First, get your dog used to being alone during the day by giving him plenty of toys and treats so that he has something fun to do while you are gone. This will help his daily routine become more typical when you go on vacation. Also, make sure not to leave suddenly without notice! Let him know when you are leaving and when you will be back to help him understand the situation. Finally, make sure that you give your pal plenty of attention before you go on vacation.

Let them play with you or sit in your lap for a few minutes before heading out. This helps your pup know that you aren’t abandoning him forever.

Many dogs will whine when they are anxious, so several products have been designed to help reduce separation anxiety in pets. If you’re away from home all day, consider investing in a video dog camera. This is especially helpful when your dog has never spent long periods without you in the house!

You can check up on him via your smartphone or computer and see how he is doing while you are away. If the pup has separation anxiety, a Thundershirt might be helpful for him. It wraps around your dog’s body like a hug to help reduce his anxiety symptoms before they even start! You can purchase one here.

Never leave your pet at home all day without food or water. Some owners will go a radio on all day for their dog to listen to, but make sure the radio isn’t too loud if your pet is alone at home. If you can’t take him along with you, consider leaving him at a doggy hotel. This way, he gets lots of playtime and socialisation while you are away and doesn’t feel lonely.


Dogs can be separated from their owners for long periods without any problems, but the key is to help them get used to being alone in your home before you go on vacation. If he has never spent a day away from his owner, he may become anxious when he’s left at home by himself or neglected while you’re gone.

You should start with training him that it’s okay if you leave and then work up to more prolonged absences over a few weeks or months. When you finally take off on vacation, make sure that your pup knows what will happen beforehand so that there are no surprises! Ensure not to neglect your dog while away either- feed him regularly and give him plenty of attention.

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