Natural Dental Health for Dogs

It is just as important to maintain the oral health of our pets as it is for us. Neglecting your dog’s dental hygiene could result in serious problems if not routinely checked and maintained. Periodontal disease, also referred to as gingivitis, affects both dogs and cats in a way similar to humans. However, the primary worry is that this disease is far more common in dogs, being five times more prevalent than in humans.

Neglecting Dental Health

If a dog doesn’t get regular dental care then plaque can build up, eventually leading to gum disease which in turn can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. Common signs that a dog has periodontal disease are bad breath, swollen and/or bleeding gums, plaque build-up, tartar build-up, irregular gum lines, chewing difficulties, extreme salivation, loose teeth, hesitance to eat, and pain.

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It’s Hard to Tell!

Owners usually won’t notice that their dog is in pain when they are suffering from dental problems however because evolution has made canines hide their pain i.e. to show no weakness. This is why it’s important to look after your dog’s oral hygiene.

Usually, the biggest problem that most dogs will face is gum disease, only 20% of dogs over 3 years do not have periodontal disease. Unfortunately, some dogs may also suffer from broken or fractured teeth.

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How to Prevent Tooth Decay

High-quality food will go a long way to helping your dog’s teeth. A poor-quality diet won’t be beneficial for your dog’s health so try to give them the best food you can. Good healthy dog treats like Stag Bars can help to improve and look after your dog’s teeth and gums.

Daily brushing or hard treats made for teeth-cleaning (just make sure you choose a healthy treat) are also effective at fighting plaque and maintaining dental hygiene. When a vet cleans a dog’s teeth it is performed under a general anaesthetic so you’d want to avoid it by not letting plaque build up in the first place.

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Healthy Dental Treats

Healthy dog treats can go a long way to helping a dog’s dental hygiene. They can provide hours of chewing pleasure for your dog while helping to freshen breath and clean their teeth.

CSJ’s Parsley and Seaweed is a natural product designed to be sprinkled on your dog’s dinner. Given regularly it will break down plaque and stop more from building up, which in turn will help to eliminate bad breath and maintain oral health. Lintbells make an antibacterial tooth cleaner that you place over your finger and clean your dog’s teeth with, the colloidal silver provides effective plaque removal and antibacterial relief.

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