15 Signs Your Puppy Needs Some “Me Time”

Pets can exhibit high energy levels, which can sometimes be hard to keep up with. Similar to humans, animals with fur also need a break from their usual activities. This article offers useful guidance on helping your dog to relax and maintain a calm state. Here are a few signs that might suggest your dog is becoming too excited or anxious, which will help you know when it’s the appropriate time to encourage tranquility.

Pacing Around the Room

When your pet paces around the room for a long time, it means they are feeling anxious. They might even pace all night! This could be because they are cooped up in their space with nothing to do, or maybe there’s something that’s upsetting them outside of their area. If you notice this behaviour, try rearranging their space or going on a walk.

Chewing On Everything In Sight

Dogs chew on things to explore their smells and taste them. When they’re done chewing on something, it’s usually fine for them to swallow it whole. However, if your pup is chewing on everything in sight, there could be a few reasons why.

Licking Their Paws Repetitively

When animals lick their paws, it usually means they’re trying to comfort themselves in some way. This action is typically paired with something else like hiding. If you notice your pup licking their paws when you come home from work or notice an absence of playing, it could mean they’re anxious!


Panting is how our pets cool off when they get too hot or get super excited. If your pup is panting for no reason, then it could be because they are feeling overstimulated. Possible signs of overstimulation include pacing around the room, running away and letting out a high-pitched whine.


If your pup is shaking, this could mean they’re feeling anxious, scared or cold. If they start shaking for no reason, it’s a sign that something might upset them. For example, maybe a loud noise startled them, and now they’re a little on edge because of it.


If your pet suddenly cowers, it could mean they’re afraid of something. They may be scared of another animal or person that might have made them feel threatened in some way. Try to avoid startling your pup if you notice this behaviour because the reason for their fear is probably still there! It’s best to let them come to you on their terms.

Running Away

If your pet starts running away from you, it’s probably a sign that they need a break. Pets that feel overstimulated might try to use this behaviour as a way out of a situation. Try giving them some space and see if they come back! If they do, offer them lots of praise. If they don’t, try walking away too and see if they follow you when they’re ready.


When your pet growls at you, it means that they feel threatened in some way. They’re also trying to tell you that you need to back off! This is not a good sign, and it could mean that they’re overstimulated, so you should try giving them a break.


If your pup is suddenly hiding under the couch, it’s probably a sign that they need some space. They might be feeling stressed or anxious about something and need to stay out of sight for a little while. Try rearranging their room or giving them some toys to play with.

Rolling Around

Rolling around is a way for pets to show their happiness. If they suddenly start rolling around, it means they’re super excited about something! Whether they want food, are looking for affection or enjoy some time outside in the grass, you should try to give them some of their favourite things.

Shaking Their Head

If your pet is shaking their head side-to-side, it’s usually a reaction to something they are smelling. When animals smell something new, they shake their head to get the smell into their nasal cavity. This might mean that there is a new animal in your yard!


Pets yawn when they’re tired. This is an excellent way to tell if your pet needs a break because it’s physically demanding for them to get that excited. Sometimes stress can even lead to fatigue, so be sure they have plenty of time to relax!


If your pet is whining at you, it’s probably because they need something. They are trying to tell you what they want through their behaviour, so listen closely. This could be a sign that they’re hungry, thirsty, bored or just in the mood for some attention!

Finding a Spot to Nap

Your pup might be tired if they’re finding themselves a good spot to take a nap! If it’s time for bed and your pet is getting ready for sleep, it could be because they need some energy for the next day. Help them out by making sure they get as much rest as possible before their next day of playing!


The last (but not least) sign of needing some ‘me time’ is chewing. If your pet starts chewing on everything in sight, it’s probably because they’re stressed, anxious or overstimulated. Chewing is an instinctual way for them to release that tension and calm themselves down. You can help out by stopping the behaviour, offering them some toys or just giving them space.


There you have it! These are the most common ways your pet might tell you they need some time to chill out. If they’re showing any of these signs, try giving them some me time! And remember, if you impose your own human needs on them by forcing socialization, it won’t be beneficial to either of you.

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