Why You Should Give Your Dog a Pinch of Peppercorn

Humans consider dogs to be their best friends, providing constant affection and companionship even in difficult times. Yet, it appears our canines might not fully grasp how much we treasure them, as they are not capable of understanding the significance of Thanksgiving or the unique smell that comes with Christmas trees.

That’s why you should give your dog a pinch of peppercorn during Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. A pinch of pepper takes about 0.3 ounces of weight. Keep the weight consistent every time using the same measuring instrument, whether a teaspoon, tablespoon, or cup.

Pinching peppercorns stimulate their taste buds and make them feel like we understand their needs. Here’s why:

Dogs Can’t Taste Sweet Stuff

Dogs don’t have the same sweet receptors that humans do in their tongues, which is why they go crazy over savoury flavours such as cheese and bacon. A pinch of peppercorn will activate your pups’ taste buds and make them feel like they’re eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Dogs Can’t Taste Salt Either

Like humans, dogs also need salt in their diet to reduce blood pressure and prevent fractures or disorders of the skeletal system. But unlike humans, dogs don’t have taste receptors for salty flavours. If you give your dog a pinch of peppercorn, they’ll enjoy it because of the tingling sensation on their tongues.

Dogs Need the Nutrients from Pepper

Just like salt, dogs also need vitamins B and C in their diet. But instead of adding vitamin-rich vegetables to your dog’s bowl, you should give them a pinch of peppercorn to provide them with the necessary nutrients.

Dogs Get High Off of the Pepper

Sniffing peppercorns will get your dog high because they contain monoterpenes, chemical components found in some plants. Monoterpenes can aid in preventing seizures and reduce inflammation caused by allergies. However, keep a close eye on your pup to ensure they don’t get too high from the peppercorns.

Pepper is a Natural Remedy for Nausea

Whether your dog feels nauseous after overeating turkey or knocked down by the flu, you should give them a pinch of peppercorn to calm their stomach. It will help with any digestive problems your dog might experience due to overeating or other health issues.

Pepper is Good for Their Teeth

If your dog’s breath smells like onions, you should give them a pinch of peppercorn. It will help buff out any stains on their teeth or kill bacteria causing the odour.

Pepper Stimulates Saliva Flow

Saliva helps break down food particles in the mouth. If your dog doesn’t produce enough saliva, they’re more likely to choke during meals. Giving your pup a pinch of peppercorn will stimulate the flow and ensure they won’t develop any digestive problems.

Pepper Fights Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by bacteria, not chunks of turkey stuck in their teeth. Pinching some peppercorns will help fight plaque and bacteria, so they’ll have fresh breath even after their third helping of stuffing.

Pepper Wards Off Fleas

Fleas are attracted to heat and smell, which is why your dog often attracts them. Pinching some peppercorns will release essential oils instead of heat, which will keep your pup from being a buffet for fleas.

Pepper Wards Off Ticks

Dogs can get ticks in many different ways, whether in the backyard or on a walk. But giving them a pinch of peppercorn before going out will ward off any that might have been waiting.

Pepper is a Good Source of Magnesium

Dogs with heart problems need to eat a balanced diet, which means no more table scraps. Pinching some peppercorns will give them the daily dosage of magnesium they need for their overall health.


Pinching our dog’s peppercorns is the best way to make him feel like he’s special, even if he can’t fully understand what it means. Add a pinch next time you give your dog dinner, and they’ll thank you for it with their wagging tails!

Dogs are known for their loyalty, but they also appreciate the little things. Like when you give them a pinch of peppercorn to make them feel special. And this is why we must make these simple gestures in return – because dogs know how much they mean to us! They may not understand everything about our world or what Thanksgiving dinner tastes like, but they’ll still enjoy every moment with us and love being treated as if they were human.

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