7 Ridiculously Fun Things to Do With Your Dog

The journey of owning a dog is filled with thrilling experiences and an infinite number of activities that you can enjoy alongside your four-legged friend. The sheer happiness that dogs bring makes your life vibrant and lively. As a dog owner, you’re ensured of an active lifestyle, making each day something to anticipate.

A dull day will never be when you have a dog by your side.

But if you are struggling to think of ways to pass the time with Fido, here are some suggestions on how you can have fun with your dog:

Go on a Doggy Shopping Spree

If you enjoy shopping and have the money to spare, it may be fun to go into a dog store and let Fido do the shopping. You can encourage your dog to pick out their toys, and treats, and whatever you’re willing to let them guilt you into buying with those gorgeous eyes.

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Make Use of the Seasons

Jumping in a pile of leaves in the Autumn. Running around in the snow in the winter. Playing with the water hose in the heat of summer. Finding a new place to go on your daily walk in the spring. Nature leaves us with completely free and fun ways to enjoy ourselves, and sometimes we need to go out and find it and use what the weather brings.

Always make sure that you are prepared appropriately for the weather. Having fun is better when you are both safe.

Go on a Dog-Friendly Holiday

Leaving your dog with a stranger or a trusted friend or family member while you go and explore the world alone can be really hard for a dog lover. It can seem like a lot of stress to take Fido on holiday with you. However, there are many places across the UK and in other countries that welcome dogs. There are dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, activities, holiday parks and places to take a day trip.

Do some research and take your best friend on holiday with you.

Set Up an Agility Course

If you have the spare cash, there are places all across the country that can offer you the experience of running through an agility course with your little dog. If you can’t afford this, though, there are plenty of retailers that will actually sell agility course items, allowing you to set up and customize one in your own garden to have fun with Fido.

You could make it part of your routine together, and who knows, you could eventually compete in national competitions.

Have a Puppy Play Date

There are places in the world where you and your dog can meet up with other canine pals and dog-obsessed humans. It’s a great chance to not only get some much-needed socialization for yourself and Fido, but it can open many doors of opportunities. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by dogs?

Another option is that if your friend has a dog, you can try to find something to do together which involves your furrier companions. Coffee in an outdoor café, a picnic in the park, and a dog training class have many choices.

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Tease Those Brains

Some popular items on the market today, for dogs, in particular, are brain training activities. These alone can be fun to do with your dog, even if it is to watch Fido make a mess of everything and be filled with pride simultaneously.

You could also consider creating your own puzzles for Fido and making ones you can do together.

Workout Together

From swimming in the pool to going for a jog around the block. There are so many options where you can take a boring workout session, make it 100% better because you have your dog with you, and still get fit. There are even classes such as Yoga, which will encourage you to bring your dog with you.

Who said that Gym buddies couldn’t come in the form of our most beloved animals.

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