7 Spring Hazards for Dogs

Spring offers us a plethora of wonders from nature. The sunlight starts to shine with increased brightness, the length of the day subtly expands, and brand new life forms and flowers make their debut appearance.

While there is so much beauty at this time of year, it’s important to be aware of the less pretty things. Spring comes with a few dangers for our loving canine companions.

Allergy Medication

At this time of year, the sun blesses us with beautiful flowers aplenty. It also gifts many of us the not-so-lovely hay fever condition or an oversensitivity to bug bites.

There are many ways Spring can cause us to have an allergic reaction, which is okay because we can take some antihistamines. While you may have this medication in the house, remember to keep your tablets out of paw’s reach. The last thing you want is your pooch to consume a whole pack of tablets and have an emergency trip to the vet.

Not so Friendly Animals

In some parts of the UK, you may bump into a few of our local snakes, the Adder, the Grass Snake and the Smooth Snake. Unfortunately for us, Spring is the season where snakes will come out from hibernation, and while they are not overly common to see on your daily dog walk, snake bites are a risk.

The Adder is the one to be most concerned about, but the general rule of thumb would be to keep an eye out for snakes and if you or your dog gets bitten, seek medical help immediately.

Easter Eggs

There is nothing more glorious than diving into a pile of chocolate eggs for breakfast. While a huge part of the UK will consume as much chocolate as they can manage, we need to make sure to keep Fidos watching eyes at a distance. Chocolate can be fatal to dogs, even in small amounts.

If Fido does sneak some chocolate, take him to the vet as soon as possible. To be on the safe side, keep any chocolate out of reach.

Try this safe option for your pooch: Healthy, No Sugar Easter Egg Recipe for Your Top Dog

Temperature Changes

Spring isn’t the hottest season, but with temperature changes worldwide, we are noticing that some days are hitting us with more heat than expected.

On warmer days, make sure to test the pavement before letting Fido walk on it, and always come prepared with water. Make sure that on longer walks, seek plenty of breaks in the shade and look for signs of your dog overheating.

Spring Plants

The best part of Spring sees a pop of colour blossom into the previously grey and dark atmosphere. There is no doubt that you and your canine companion will get to enjoy the great outdoors much more over the next few months, be it in your own garden or down the local park.

Be wary, though, that some plants are poisonous to dogs, so you need to make sure Fido isn’t snacking while you are not looking. Ensure to keep your dog away from plants such as Tulips, Sweetpea, Daffodils, Bluebells and Buttercups.

Creepy Crawlies

While we are not at the peak of tick season yet, there will be an increase of bugs in the Spring season. Bug bites can irritate your dog, and some of them can cause illnesses. Be sure to keep on top of your dog’s de-flea and worming medication and be cautious when walking your dog and check him over when you get home.

Spring Cleaning

Spring comes with that huge temptation to give the whole house a deep clean, meaning you’ll be turning the house upside down. It can be incredibly therapeutic to detox your home essentially, and it can even help you breathe easier. However, many cleaning products contain some seriously harmful chemicals.

There are products out there that focus on being safe around animals. However, it’s generally just a good idea to keep all our pets out of the room until the chemicals are dry and the air has had time to filter.

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